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  1. Electronic/Software: Issues with fourbanger over 125 frames in scare scene - loops indefinitely

    Halloween Props
    Hello - I build a fourbanger (amazing project - thank you). So far I have the project working perfectly, but ran into an issue - once I add more than about 125 frames to the project, when triggered the relay scene plays indefinitely (loops, not the music *does not* loop nor does it switch back...
  2. Electronic/Software: Button Banger, fourbanger, octobanger problems

    Halloween Props
    I have the fourbanger and octobanger software. I've used it in the past successfully. I have a nano and an uno both with the CH340G serial to USB chip. Both are recognized by my computer and recognized by either banger software. The upload of the firmware appears to work. I see the rapid...
  3. Electronic/Software: Four Banger Relay Problem

    Halloween Props
    Hey people, So I just built my Four Banger and i'm running into an issue, my relays aren't going off! The problem i'm running into is that when I trigger the sequence nothing on the relay board goes off, no clicks or lights are going off. I'm using the 12v instead of 5v. HELP ME!!! :(
  4. Electronic/Software: fourbanger prop controller help

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! So I am trying my hand at a 4 channel prop controller. (completely new territory for me!) Running into a triggering problem. I using the fourbanger.com setup. Got all the parts and thought I was ready to roll, but alas I have an issue. It doesn't trigger props...kinda a deal...