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  1. Other Vampire Protection Kit

    Halloween Crafts
    I put this together from scraps I found around the house.... Full kit Instructions on how to kill a Vampire Written in Romanian, and I hand carved the stake and wrapped handle in hemp and leather strips. Holy water bottle was a travel conditioner bottle we brought back from a hotel stay...
  2. Hellooo oo ooo oo o :)

    Member Introduction
    Hey I am real excited to join this forum, I have found TONS of Haunt tips and tricks from here via Bing for the past two years or so…. I am trying to go "big time" this year with our Haunt LOL But just wanted to say Hello glad to be here! Oh I found an AWESOME cast iron feel (I'm sure its not...
  3. 76 more days!!!!!

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    Hello Everyone! Excited about joining HF! Finally found a place where I won't be considered a nut job for starting to put out Halloween decorations in August! I started to catch the bug this week and found this site. Needless to say, I have been in full Halloween mode since then. Just got back...
  4. Oh wow! I think I found my way home!

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    I just stumbled on this place while googeling for clown animatronics! Just reading through some threads I knew I had to join! I feel like a kid who was put up for adoption and finally found my real family! Halloween is 365 days a year at my house. I live alone so I can do this (or maybe it's why...