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  1. Halloween Crafts
    Every year, because of the number of children who come by our house, we put some candy in small bags and hand those out. It really speeds things up but I've always wanted to take advantage of that and add something else to the bags, I decided this year to make small fortunes, like the kind you'd...
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    It took us a bit, as this is our first year trying to build an actual prop but I like it all other than her turban. Since she can't actually tell fortunes we included fortune fish and chocolate covered fortune cookies for everyone to take! I would love input on how to improve her!
  3. Halloween Props
    I see entertainment earth sells replica mystic seer that dispenses fortunes. after learning that the mystic seer was an old swami fortune teller. And those old fortunes tickets can still be found. I wonder if anyone has tried useing those old fortune tickets with the new replica. they appear...
1-3 of 3 Results