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  1. Zaltana Hack

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone managed to hack their Zaltana to an Alexa dot yet? I am trying to set mine up so that she will tell a fortune when you ask Madam Alexa. I thought I may be able to use the Alexa output jack to trigger the motion and replace the audio. Then I could create the Alexa skill. But...
  2. Fortune Teller music

    Halloween Music
    Creating a fortune teller room this year with Zaltana the Fortune Teller from Grandin Road. Looking for good background music to play in her tent on a loop. Or separate tracks. thanks
  3. Static: Help Identifying A Prop

    Halloween Props
    I just got this lovely lady off of Craigslist and I'm having a hard time figuring out where she's from. Can any of the experts here help me out?:D
  4. Craziest thing you've done for a Halloween decoration/prop?? Followed by a story

    General Halloween
    Since we're all Halloween fanatics, I'm sure a few ppl have some funny/interesting stories to share on acquiring Halloween decor/props. I myself am one of those people. This is a longwinded story but one that I think you'll enjoy or appreciate so here goes: During the 80's/90's there was a...
  5. Prop Showcase: My 2013 Graveyard and Gypsy Fortune teller.

    Halloween Props
    Last year was my biggest year so far. I guestimate I had over 3000 people come threw. There was a line for almost 3 hours. This year I have had to revamp to make more room in the yard for guest. . I try to build at least one new prop every year. This past year was the Horse, Hearse and Toe...
  6. Gypsy Giant Fortune Teller Prop 'Kit' - Carnival - Side Show - $150

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'm selling some pieces of what could become a great prop for a carnival or side show theme haunt. Included: - large foam half head (used) - large foam hands (used) - 24 inch acrylic globe (used) - 3x5 foot vinyl custom sideshow banner (new) Put together a simple PVC frame, some cheap fabric a...
  7. Need Ideas for Creating a "Crystal Ball"

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm going as a Fortune Teller. I have found sites selling crystal balls. However, they are super expensive. An 8" round clear glass bowl was the best thing I could find. I plan on turning it upside down. It will be flat on top but I will put a big fat spider to hide that feature...
  8. Need Fortune Teller Predictions!!! Moms & Dads - HELP!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    At my daughter's Halloween Ball I will be dressing up as a fortune teller and I'm stuck on ideas for fortunes. These girls will be in the 8-11 age range, so I need fortunes that are age appropriate. I thought of predictions ivolving their "secret crush" or making an "A" on a test in the near...
  9. Static: Need help with fortune teller crystal ball head

    Halloween Props
    What a great message board I have come to here! I have read hundreds and hundreds of posts but still can't find what I need. When I get an idea in my head regarding Halloween there is no stopping me until it is done. This year my husband and I have a great idea, but we cannot figure out how...