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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I found TWO sets of these in THE GREAT PURGE OF 2019! Mine are grey though, not flesh colored like the ones in the pic. I forgot I even had them & need the room. They are still in their boxes too. I had to open one set to check to make sure there was a left & right but they have never been...
  2. General Halloween
    Heh heh heh First year for placing this AtmosfearX little girl in a window very close to where the TOT's line up for treats. Ran the audio to an even closer speaker. One kid screamed and ran all the way back to the road!
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've haven't been online in a long long time. I forgot how much I love this forum. (Had health issues) Okay, so I am working on a Theme for next year. Voodoo/swamp theme. (It's too late to do one this year). Please help by giving me ideas. I want ideas on decorations, and I need a list of...
  4. Halloween Props
    https://youtu.be/7DuO-HQbDNw This came together pretty easy. she keeps freaking people out. lol. I made a video with the blueprints but i forgot to video her before I dressed her. Happy Halloween!
  5. General Halloween
    As much as I try to get everything together in time for TOT- I always manage to forget one thing. Last year, I forgot to draw back the curtain in front of my FCG for the first hour of TOT. This year- I did better - I only forgot to turn on two Aldi's lanterns... disappointing - but npt the...
  6. Halloween Music
    Hello Everybody, I made a short clip for a Halloween party this year. It is a short loop ment to go between other clips in a shuffled playlist. The material is from (the now public domain) Night of the living Dead, and resolution is 720 (hd ready) length is about 14 seconds. If someone wants...
  7. Halloween Props
    Made this sign a few days ago and forgot to post a picture of it.
  8. General Halloween
    With all of the Halloween happenings I almost forgot! Set your clock 1 hour back.
  9. Halloween Props
    I used the idea from one of the members here, sorry I forgot who it was, and this how it came out.
  10. General Halloween
    First up we had our skelly waiting for AAA (mainly cuz dad (me) forgot his 2 posables that were gonna help change the tire!) Our Caged Beast (really need to do something cuz a footpad won't work) was a huge hit with a young blind boy that kept coming back the whole weekend just to feel and hear...
  11. Halloween Props
    I finally got started on my monkey paw. Got a lot done in about 2 hours. This one is from scratch....started with armature wire and have put on the sculpting clay. Sorry forgot to get the early pictures but here is the progress so far. :p Now for a coat or 2 of latex and then on to the...
1-11 of 16 Results