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  1. Fog: Differences in Standard Fog Fluid and Fluid for Water Based Foggers

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know the difference between standard fog fluid and the ones that specifically say they are for use in water based foggers? Seems to be top secret the ingredients used in commercial fluid. I have a new water based fogger that uses distilled water along with fog fluid. I was hoping...
  2. Fog: Hiding Fogger and or chiller

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, I'm looking for ideas and pictures in inventive ways to disguise or hide foggers and chillers My foggers are standard small black ones and my big chiller is an icebox one with the fogger sat on top. I've hit a total idea wall over this, don't want it to be too elaborate as it's going...
  3. Quiet Bubble Foggers?

    Halloween Props
    I had been sitting on the fence for bubble foggers for quiet some time. These days more focus is spent on the party than outside. I typically do a little paranormal magic show at the end of the evening. This year I'm delving into doing a seance with spooky things happening such as pictures...
  4. Fog: Stepping up to pro level bubble fogger machine. Anyone have experiences?

    Halloween Props
    So I finally got sick and tired of my poorly built bubble foggers that are both permanently out of commission due to broken cheap plastic gears. Given that these units are barely as low as $50 when on sale, if ever, I started looking around for potentially more durable replacements. Aliexpress...
  5. Best Fog Juice for a 400 watt Fogger?

    Halloween Props
    I have two 400 watt foggers I use in my graveyard, and I've only used regular fog juice with it (the last jug was from Spirit Halloween). I know there's better quality juice that gives you better fog, but most of what I've been reading says it's for 600/800/1000+ watt foggers. I'd hate to pay...
  6. Mechanical: Pond Foggers

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone used or have experience with pond foggers? best brand or value?
  7. Free Fogger Timers

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am cleaning out some stuff and found these timers. I am fairly certain these are all in working order. One was still in it's box. I was using them with random 400 watt foggers. One is from Target and I am not sure of where the other 2 came from? You pay shipping from PA. Please respond via...
  8. Halloween 2015 - Our Yard

    General Halloween
    We had another good year. The rain held out and we got 500 kids come through in 2 1/2 hours. Our theme was giant spiders and spider web. Graveyard too. I only got to put up one spider as I ran out of time. Mad at myself for starting the set up at 1pm. We had 2 foggers running on timers. Sound...
  9. What do you have too much of?

    General Halloween
    We all always need "one more skeleton" or other item...but is there something you have too many or too much of? Something that you've picked up over the years and just never get around to using. I'll go first. Black lights and foggers. I find them at yard or thrift sales and just can't let them...
  10. Fog: Multiple foggers on one chiller - how are you doing it?

    Halloween Props
    So I've got my chiller built out of a nice big trashcan with dryer hose coiled inside. I've got 3 foggers that I'd like to set up on timers so that their intervals sync - so that when #1 finishes, #2 will be just about ready to fire off... then #3, then back to #1 etc. I tried feeding them...