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  1. Fog: Anyone used an ultrasonic "pond fogger" for their Halloween haunt?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone tried one of these ultrasonic atomizers (aka, 'pond fogger') for fog in their haunt? Here is an example on Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/id/Water-Only-Fog-Machine-No-Dry-Ice-No-Fog-Juice/
  2. my haunted cemetery 2018

    General Halloween
    My haunted cemetery on halloween night. We didnt get as many trick or treaters as we hoped (and ironically I did all this to try to attract more trick or treaters to our street.) Also, I had a fogger but the controller is wired to it and I didnt have a remote. So I had no way to generate any...
  3. Static: This is the best Dementor I've seen!

    Halloween Props
    And I'm gonna get brave! I wanna hang this from the tree, and run back fishing line puppetry to make him "look" and "reach" for people! https://youtu.be/SD1GVW_dRXE?list=FLk_5WOEsOBDx9Mi4SVxKjYw I absolutely MUST get started...... maybe a fogger from his mouth???
  4. Fog: Differences in Standard Fog Fluid and Fluid for Water Based Foggers

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know the difference between standard fog fluid and the ones that specifically say they are for use in water based foggers? Seems to be top secret the ingredients used in commercial fluid. I have a new water based fogger that uses distilled water along with fog fluid. I was hoping...
  5. Fog: Is a decent DIY fogger possible?

    Halloween Props
    I've been reading a lot of forum and blog posts (across many sites) that are all variations on the theme of heating a glycerine and water mixture to create fog. In my tests over a small flame, I got very little fog from such a mixture until all of the water had evaporated, and then the heated...
  6. Fog: Front Porch suggestions/help with fog

    Halloween Props
    Hello fellow Halloween Fans! Been a member for a few years but rarely ever post.........come to think of it this might be the first. I have been inactive the past few years for Halloween because I was renting an apartment. Well I finally got back into a house and want to do some cool things...
  7. For Sale Homemade Ground Fogger Chiller Only.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Homemade chiller box for ground fog for your Halloween display. I have too many and one has to go. Hook up your fogger and add ice... you have low lying ground fog. Used for three seasons. Does not include a fog machine $40 - Severna Park Maryland
  8. Prop Showcase: Kindo's haunt props 2018

    Halloween Props
    Ok so i've all ready started a few props here and there but haven't done any thing big yet. ill update all my house mods and stuff like that here. id like to add a little tower on the top of my house. wanted to do it last year but never got a chance. i just made a mock up image to see what it...
  9. Fog: American DJ Mister Kool II. thoughts?

    Halloween Props
    Thinking of getting this ground fogger. Yes I know I can build a chiller for loads less (have a couple). But I have a particular application that requires something like this. I absolutely hated the crappy 400w spirit ground fogger that had a tiny ice chamber and broke after one season of use...
  10. Fog: Waht kind of fogger is this?

    Halloween Props
    Got this off Craigslist and I assume it's some kind of ground fogger with the wide opening. My question is do you put ice in the top hatch? There's a metal "mesh" in there at an angle sloping forward. I didn't want to put ice in there and then have water running around inside as it melted...
  11. newbie

    Member Introduction
    hello all! I LOVE halloween and decided to join up with similarly situtated folks. Now, if I can only figure out where to ask my question about why I can't use any prop with a ground fogger and how to modify any so I can (or buy one that does the trick). Operating in our gizmo world is not...
  12. Fog: Cauldron fogger - my first one

    Halloween Props
    Tried making a cauldron fogger this weekend and really happy with how it turned out and have so many ideas for the next one including installing flickering lights next time. For the first go, I'm really happy with how it looks!
  13. 2017 Fryght Manor Build

    General Halloween
    Well, the Halloween juices are flowing and Fall is here. It hit me this week. I bought a new 1300 Watt Fogger from Amazon. They have a nice deal with a gallon of juice, wireless remote trigger and 1300 watt fogger for $159. And shipping is free if you are a Prime member. And I bought a 2ft tall...
  14. Fog: Hiding Fogger and or chiller

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, I'm looking for ideas and pictures in inventive ways to disguise or hide foggers and chillers My foggers are standard small black ones and my big chiller is an icebox one with the fogger sat on top. I've hit a total idea wall over this, don't want it to be too elaborate as it's going...
  15. Fogger - Fog Juice Replacement Tube Part - Help

    Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone! I am seeking your help. I have 3 Spirit 400 Watt Ground Foggers that have recently had the tube from the fog juice tank to the pump chewed upon by mice in my shed. (I know, I know...I should have boxed them up but I got lazy last year, good news is the mice have been safely...
  16. Fog: Anyone ever tried to repair your fog machines? Advice needed

    Halloween Props
    I've got three 1000 watt foggers that I've used for 2-3 years and I put them away the same way every year. Run cleaner through them and pack them up. Never had a problem. I pulled them out this weekend to test and 2 of them won't run. You can hear them tying to pull fog juice (so it's not a...
  17. Fog: Opinions: Antari Z-Stream 1000 or Chauvet dj hurricane 1301 or 1200

    Halloween Props
    I know fog machines have been goine over and over but haven't seen much with the Antari, found a good price Antari Z-stream 1000 with continous output trying to decide on that or just going with another Chauvet 1301 or 1200 already have a 901. Haven't decided on my complete build yet this will...
  18. Fog: Ground Fogger so Little Fog !

    Halloween Props
    So I pull out my Ground Fogger and test. Guess what very little fog is coming out. It runs so cut to the chase. Can I attempt to flush the lines and with what. Fog cleaner ? Distilled water ? Vinegar and water mix ? I know there are other posts but I figure I'd start this one for this year. Lets...
  19. Fog: Fogger question

    Halloween Props
    Hello all. My yard is cut in half by my walkway, so each part is 30 by 40 feet. Should I go with a 700 watt fogger which is 4000cfm or more? Will a good brand like Chauvet 400 watt fogger be able to keep that size area covered in fog or is 400 watt too small? Im planning on running 1 fogger for...
  20. Fog: Sputtering Fogger?

    Halloween Props
    I have two 400 watt no name foggers that I got years ago from a Halloween store (not Spirit or Halloween City). This year one fogger seems be having problems. It barely spits out fog and sometimes not at all... I've tried cleaning it, running distilled water through it, and then putting in fresh...