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  1. Halloween Props
    I have searched the internet but cannot find an answer to my question. I want to put a fogger in my creature crate and mine has jumps as well as lid movement. Will the crate jumping around damage the fog machine if mounted inside?
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi!!! Super Excited to be here!!! Ok, I am noooottttt good with retail foggers. Honestly, they need to be checked on, can't be run too long, and run out of juice... the motors burn up 😖 and I've learned I'm just not good about cleaning them after Halloween and they dry clogged. I was...
  3. Halloween Props
    I am looking at a replacement for my two fog machines that broke. I am looking for a higher wattage one like around 1000 and a lower wattage around 400. Any recommendations for the best bang for your buck.
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi, I setup my dragon and tested the fog machine. Both work fine, but is there a way to sync the fog and dragon together? The dragon comes on when the sensor it tripped, but the fog machine ison its own timer. I have a fog remote/timer and thought maybe if the fog came out, it would trip the...
  5. General Halloween
    I'm needing a new fogger for this season and want to keep it around the $100 range. It would be for a garage haunt - about 400 sq ft. Prefer to be on the quieter side. Any recommendations?
  6. General Halloween
    Many years ago I purchased my first fog machine at Walmart. While most older Gemmy products have issues a few years after production this one did not. It worked really good each year up until 2018 when I noticed that it wouldn’t respond to the remote and would go off once it warmed up. I though...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hello! I am looking for some good quality fog fluids. I heard Froggy's Fog is good. The max I want to go is $30 a gallon. If you have any recommendations leave a reply. I just need normal fog juice. Thanks For Reading!
  8. Halloween Props
    Hello! I am looking for some good quality fog fluids. I heard Froggy's Fog is good. The max I want to go is $30 a gallon. If you have any recommendations leave a reply. I just need normal fog juice. Thanks For Reading!
  9. Halloween Props
    A HUGE hurdle with using a fog machine outdoors is, as we all know, wind. Even the smallest breeze can fluff up an awesome effect. So I was thinking, what if I "trapped" the fog on the ground? My idea is this - our display this year will utilize the "Laser Swamp" effect. What I want to do is...
  10. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So this year I decided to take the plunge and buy a fog machine (actually, I bought 3 because Amazon had a pretty crazy deal on the discontinued Chauvet 1302 models). I’ve been drooling over fog machines and chiller designs for about a year now and after lots of reading found myself caught...
  11. General Halloween
    I would like to have fog-filled bubbles this year, but I'm having the hardest time finding a bubble fogger. The Gemmy bubble fogger isn't available any more, and the Fobbles machine (from Froggy's Fog) has terrible ratings. Does anyone know where to get a hold of a decent machine?
  12. Halloween Props
    I'm building a fog distribution system using flexible tubing. Does anyone know if the size of the tube (used for distribution) matters? I would like the tubing to be large enough to slide frozen water bottles into therefore the tube would need to be at least 3"+ in diameter. I will be using a...
  13. Halloween 2016

    This year I decided to dig up the headstones from the year before. We buried them so they were even more awesome the next year. They were covered in moss and egg sacs! Pretty cool. I also made a giant cauldron and painted bottles to decorate the porch like potions. Little kids loved it! The...
  14. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, this is my first post on here but I assume if anyone can help me with this it's you all! So I got a dog machine from a friend and have been trying to fix it. It heats up and I can hear a hum when I activate it, but it never sucks any juice up. I tried using some fog juice cleaner...
  15. Halloween Props
    Hi all, First time posting. Simple front lawn decorator here and I need a little help sorting out how best to accomplish my goals here. I have 3 animatronic props that all use fog: a storm cellar prop from Spirit, a gaseous fogging zombie groundbreaker, and an 8' scorched scarecrow. Under ideal...
  16. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! So we're going to do our first major Halloween scene this year and decided fog would be a good addition. We're going for a graveyard scene so we're looking for thick ground fog. I'm on a budget so I grabbed the ADJ VF1300 for $95. I am under the impression that a 400-700w...
  17. Halloween Props
    I have a 700 watt Fog F/X 1741. Can I use it indoors for my storytelling sets? How does it work in air-conditioned rooms, and is there a problem with fire detection systems?
  18. General Halloween
    Can the F/X 1741, 700 Watt, be used for an indoor show in an air-conditioned room? Are there problems with fire detection equipment, or other issues? I'm a storyteller and want to use it for storytelling sets.
  19. Halloween Props
    I know this topic has been beaten to death.....but I am trying to do something slightly different. Maybe some of you with extensive knowledge on airflow and pipe sizing may help. I have a chauvet 1600 fogger, plenty of fog, and good velocity coming out. I would like to create a grid system in...
1-20 of 347 Results