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  1. Halloween Props
    I am looking at a replacement for my two fog machines that broke. I am looking for a higher wattage one like around 1000 and a lower wattage around 400. Any recommendations for the best bang for your buck.
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello all! I recently bought a 400watt fog machine to add some cool effects to my yard display. I have never owned a fog machine, and I have a few questions, and help/ tips are appreciated :) 1. If I add too much fog juice, should I let it run until empty? can I empty the tank and re-use the...
  3. Halloween Props
    Just got out of Spirit and grabbed some low lying fog juice. I forgot to grab regular fog juice as well as I am low. I was wondering if you could use low lying fog juice in a regular fog machine. Thanks!
  4. Halloween Props
    I have 3 fog machines. 1 from Lowes, 1 from spirit, and 1 from Home Depot. I know the Lowes one is Gemmy and the Home Depot is SVI. But for some reason, They are all labeled with one company, Shenzhen Qiaohua Idustries Limited. Why is this because they are supposedly made by different companies.
  5. General Halloween
    Has anyone had any issues while working for a haunt and you have young workers that get asthma attacks from fog constantly being sprayed in a open area?
  6. Halloween Props
    A HUGE hurdle with using a fog machine outdoors is, as we all know, wind. Even the smallest breeze can fluff up an awesome effect. So I was thinking, what if I "trapped" the fog on the ground? My idea is this - our display this year will utilize the "Laser Swamp" effect. What I want to do is...
  7. General Halloween
    So, my fogger seems to be overheating after producing less than impressive clouds. I've removed the cover and its very hot to the touch inside and I can see some smoke it seems. Where might I be able to find replacement parts? Or what kind of shop might repair these? Locating these things is...
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm building a fog distribution system using flexible tubing. Does anyone know if the size of the tube (used for distribution) matters? I would like the tubing to be large enough to slide frozen water bottles into therefore the tube would need to be at least 3"+ in diameter. I will be using a...
  9. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, this is my first post on here but I assume if anyone can help me with this it's you all! So I got a dog machine from a friend and have been trying to fix it. It heats up and I can hear a hum when I activate it, but it never sucks any juice up. I tried using some fog juice cleaner...
  10. General Halloween
    So it's that time. I debated for quite some time if I wanted to do a midweek setup this year with Halloween being on a Thursday. But we're locked in to having it up this year with our application to be on the SoCal Hauntlist. These are some pics from the setup from last year. This is the...
  11. Halloween Props
    I'm looking for a new fog machine. Right now there are several vendors that have factory refurbished Chauvet 1400s with a timer for $120. The 1400 is recently discontinued. It's a great price for a pretty high capacity machine. Does anyone have one, and if so how do you like it? Thanks!
  12. Halloween Props
    Hi Forum, i recently got an el-cheapo fog machine (220V) to use this year for halloween - it has a wireless remote etc.. but i was seeking a timer remote (so i can leave it to do its fog stuff) its fitted with a 3 pin XLR but most timers are 5 pin- so a bit lost- given its 3 pin i cant...
  13. Wanted to Buy
    Good afternoon, I am in search of any cool full-size animatronics or props that feature a fog machine hook-up (or with it built-in). I do not mind if it is brand new or in used condition. I am willing to buy or trade for any cool full-size animatronics or props with a fog-machine hook-up (or...
  14. Halloween Props
    What would your recommendation for the best INDOOR fog machine be? Ideally something that isn't going to set off my smoke detectors... that's the issue I ran into with the one I purchased from Spirit a few years back. I'd love to have a fog machine set up in our living room. The ceilings are...
  15. Halloween Props
    I decided to crack open a cheapo fog machine and rewire it to be controlled by an Arduino. This way I can trigger it as part of the timing or from a sensor of some kind (used a basic PIR sensor in this video).
  16. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/232810066982 Professional FOG SMOKE MACHINE Fogger 1000 Watt Office Party Indoor Outdoor Fog $24.99 I have brand new Freddy, Jason and Myer shirts for $13.99 each free shipping
  17. Halloween Props
    Is there an inexpensive tool that can measure fog density from a fog machine? Although fog machines provide details of their output, such as cubic feet per minute (cfm), I want to measure density as the fog travels thru a PVC pipe that has holes every 6 inches. The further down the pipe you go...
  18. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. I have been a member of this forum for about a year reading many threads on a variety of topics. I am in the process of planning my Halloween setup in October and am in need of advice and recommendations. Background I live in a home that has a front yard about 70 ft by 30 ft...
  19. Halloween Props
    Not quite finished, but it's coming along well. Originally I had planned to build a fire prop based around a mist maker, only to discover that a single-head mister doesn't put out nearly enough volume for that sort of thing. Nor do 3 of them, at least the 3 that I own. So, I moved on to the fog...
  20. Halloween Props
    I want to purchase a new fog machine. i would like the chauvet 1301. I just keep reading the reviews about them on amazon and really wonder if they are worth the money. I just do not want to waste money. please advise.
1-20 of 54 Results