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  1. Fog: How I Hide My Fog Chiller

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  2. Assisted Vortex Chiller

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So... I know there's already instructions on how to make a Vortex Fog Chiller. However, I read in the other Vortex Chiller post that somebody suggested to add a small fan to the ducting, so I decided to build one to see how it works. This is my version, and it seems to work quite well. I call it...
  3. Fog: hauvet 901 & 1200 Gemmy 400W Trash Can & Other Chillers & HalloWeekends Fog Setup

    Halloween Props
    hauvet 901 & 1200 Gemmy 400W Trash Can & Other Chillers & HalloWeekends Fog Setup I was working on Chauvet fogger and fog chiller videos for my Halloween DIY Yard Haunt channel and Cedar Point Haunt at HalloWeekends videos. I combined them telling what I know about the fog setup they use...
  4. Fog: Fogger Question

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    Hey All! I have a question....so my large fogger died but I have one left that is a 400watt. What I want to do is to rig up it up using a low lying setup like a chiller....here's the question: Will a 400 watt fogger be enough to cover say a 700 sq. ft. area/graveyard? Or do I need to get the...
  5. Fog: Fog chiller

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    Here is the start to my fog chiller this year. I used an old plastic contianer and plastic pipping. I will freeze bags of ice prior to utilizing the chiller. My next step will be to paint it black!! ? now painted
  6. Fog: Fog chiller output through 25' of 4" PVC

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, I'm getting my first fog machine soon and I have this idea of running the output from the fog chiller box through about 25' or 30' of 4" PVC pipe. The pipe would have 1" holes drilled through it every foot and go along the edge of my front porch to ensure even distribution of the...
  7. Prop Showcase: Setup for 2015 Halloween Party

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, Some pictures from 2015. The columns have lit lanterns and a mirror ball. On either side is a halogen floodlight hooked up to a lightning machine. You can see the sound source at lower right. Farther back by the gates is a Line 6 sound system, there are Chauvet lights & lasers to the...
  8. Fantastic fog this year - share your successes here

    General Halloween
    For the first time in the three years that I've been using foggers, I finally got it exactly as I wanted. It seems as though the stars need to align for this sort of thing to happen, so I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else had similar successes. Here's a clip of my fogged flower bed...
  9. Fog: Has anyone salted their fog chiller?

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    Odd question, I know. If you've used an ice cream maker, you know that adding salt to the ice keeps the temperature down, and it helps stop the ice from rapidly fusing into one big lump. So I wonder if adding salt to the ice in a fog chiller will help to keep the temps low and ice free, aiding...
  10. Fog: My latest prop, a tomb fog chiller!

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    This is my latest prop. I was angle to score quite a bit of 3" styrofoam sheets for a good price. So I wanted to make a tomb for my first graveyard, I decided to incorporate a fog chiller in the tomb. It works great and I'm excited to use it for Halloween. Please watch my videos on you tube...
  11. Fog: Fog machine advice! Professional advice only!

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    I work at Party City. We sell 1000W fog machines and 400W ground fog machines. We recently discontinued the ground fog juice. I've had customers asking if the regular juice will work in the ground fogger and work the same. I told them yes but the liquid fog we sell isn't as dense as the ground...
  12. Fog: fog chillers and ambient temperature.

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    What's the coldest ambient air temperature you have been able to get fog to lay low with a fog chiller? They're projecting 48-49 degrees for Halloween this year where I live in Michigan. I wonder if its even worth setting up my chiller this year.
  13. Master Fog - Homemade Fog Chiller Tutorial!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Haunters, We just put together a fog chiller video tutorial. Please feel free to check out the link below! Don't hesitate if you have any questions on how to make one for yourself. We think this is the best design out there! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6HIO6dAGyY Thanks, Vince...
  14. Fog: Fog Chiller Idea - Help with refrigeration?

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I have an idea for a fog chiller, but need some help to get it to work. Here's what I want to do: I have a mini-fridge from college, and would like to weld old aluminum siding to the cooling unit inside the unit. I would cut holes at random places in the aluminum allowing air flow...
  15. Fog: Set Up Almost Complete for The Yard of the Living Dead 2011

    Halloween Props
    Well, tonight was the perfect night for cemetery fog. The air was slightly warm and there was no wind. I was able to make some really creepy fog without any ice in the chiller. I have just a couple more projects and finishing touches that I want to complete before our first "lights on" night...
  16. Fog Chiller - Trash Can PDF Directions

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    All - back for my 16th year of Yard Haunts. I have worked with a lot of fog chillers but two years ago found the best and I made a PDF file with Step by Step instructions. I have built two of these and have two V-950 super foggers hooked to them. Here is a quick single page I setup until I...
  17. Always loved Halloween. Throwing my first Adult Halloween Party this year!

    Member Introduction
    Hi everybody! I found this forum when I was looking for ideas for our first Adult Halloween party. I found some helpful ideas for music and games(especially the Tempt Your Fate game). My girlfriend and I live in Columbus, Ohio in case any locals read this and want to attend. I was originally...
  18. Fog Chiller

    Halloween Props
    I just completed a fog chiller from GOTFOG .com I know that this is not the best forum to put this in, but since I am linking from my blog and that has links back to the original site that came up with the plan, I could not place it in the tutorial section. I will ask forgiveness now ;) Besides...
  19. Fog: Fog machine advice from previous experience

    Halloween Props
    I got a small 400w fog machine last year, did not perform like i wanted. We had a chiller to keep it low lying and it worked. Just did not put out the amount of fog i needed. However any newer ideas for a chiller would be appreciated. I am trying to figure out what wattage and CFPM i need to...
  20. The Best Barrel Style Fog Chiller

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    After reading about (and daydreaming about) various fog chiller options on HalloweenForum, I finally arrived at the idea that I wanted to build a barrel-style fog chiller. I chose the barrel style because I wanted to really maximize the advantage gained by cooling the fog. That was in the...