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  1. Fog: Fog Machines and Vinegar

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone left vinegar in their fog machine? I left vinegar in mine last year and now its not working. The pump comes on but doesn't pump fluid. I took the pump apart and cleaned it up still nothing. The only thing I can figure is the vinegar messed the seals up. Just a last effort to see if...
  2. Fog: Differences in Standard Fog Fluid and Fluid for Water Based Foggers

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know the difference between standard fog fluid and the ones that specifically say they are for use in water based foggers? Seems to be top secret the ingredients used in commercial fluid. I have a new water based fogger that uses distilled water along with fog fluid. I was hoping...
  3. Fog machine tubing insert

    Halloween Props
    I was renovating my fog machine and on the end of the tube that hangs in the fluid reservoir, there is a metal piece inserted into the tube. Is that thing necessary? I didn't put it into the new tube and the machine is working, but there is a bit of liquid fluid dripping out the end of the...
  4. Prop Showcase: How to make fluorescent fluid?

    Halloween Props
    Hello, Newbe here. I'm sure this is already explained somewhere, but I have not had any luck finding it. I am trying to make mad scientist lab props and I have seen several that have fluorescent fluid in tubes. Usually there is some material in the fluid as well, so its not just a solid...
  5. fog juice combusting at higher temperatures?

    General Halloween
    I've been trying to find information on this because I've seen this happen two years in a row now. Like many here on the forum, I store my fog machines with a bit of fluid in them every year. Two years ago one of my machines leaked out fluid in one of my storage boxes, and the fluid ended up...