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  1. Tombstone Silk Flower Question

    General Halloween
    I want to attach some silk roses to a headstone and make them look like they were cast into the stone. I usually apply 2 coats of DryLock over the foam. Do I try to attach with monster mud and then the Drylock ? I want the flowers to look natural on the stone.
  2. Static: Been lurking and building - first tombstone (Texas T)

    Halloween Props
    This turned out well. All Foam with plastic flowers.
  3. Goth Goddess Headdress

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I set out to make a huge flamboyant Goth Goddess headdress to go with a long black dress. I watched this video to learn how to make a wire frame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBdnr2elRKM&app=desktop My materials were 20 gauge wire (the next thickest wire up would probably be more...
  4. i know it's still expensive, but...

    General Halloween
    if anyone was considering buying the Katherine's collection witch tabletop server, City Flowers has her for $800 instead of the $1100 at Grandin Raod.. http://www.cityflowers.com/bellevue-flowers/katherine%E2%80%99s-collection-cupcake-witch-display-with-765045p.asp?rcid=359106&point=1
  5. Other Let's Make an Eyeball Plant, or Flowers (crafting)

    Halloween Crafts
    I really enjoyed doing the group mandrake and shrunken head activities. I was not planning on heading up another one until after Halloween, but I found myself starting to work on a project myself that I wanted to do for a long time, and thought I'd love some company while I craft. So, let's do...
  6. Other Petal Porcelain Setting Agent

    Halloween Crafts
    Has anybody ever used petal porcelain setting agent? It appears to be a discontinued item that was used to give ribbons and flowers a porcelain look. I could not pass it up for $1.50 when I found it at a thrift store but there is very limited info on it on-line other than using on flowers. I...
  7. You know you have the Halloween Spirit when.....

    General Halloween
    When even your flowers take on a new life.