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  1. Pirate Theme 2018

    General Halloween
    We recently moved back to our home state so this will be the first time in roughly 20 years that my whole family will be together. We are all doing one big Pirate yard display, party and parade float. I’ve been pouring over everyone’s pirate threads and posts. Such inspiring work. We will be...
  2. Jacks Nightmare parade float.

    General Halloween
    We did a parade float last year. The Nightmare Before Christmas figure where crafted from paper clay, PVC plastic, custom clothing and months of time. The 5 singing faces where built out of EMT conduit, wire mesh and LED rope lighting. They run off of LOR controllers. We had custom banners made...
  3. Spider float for a parade!

    General Halloween
    I'm making a 16' spider for a parade float. Of course I am thinking cobwebs.. maybe a big tree that the spider is walking off of. Victims hanging in the webbing.. small spiders all over. My question, the float will be pulled by a extra large old convertible car that is black. I have the...
  4. Mechanical: Floating Candle

    Halloween Props
    For the past several years I have used a floating battery powered pillar candle effect in my outdoor cemetery display. The setup is similar to the common floating lantern using a disco ball motor and a mobile system that creates an eerie effect. I actually get more positive feedback from it than...
  5. Halloween Parade next May

    General Halloween
    My hometown has an annual grilling contest, and teams always make parade floats and do a skit from their float in front of judges for prizes. My family and friends have entered for the past several years without success. THIS NEXT YEAR, however, they have allowed me to head up our float/skit...