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  1. Lighting: How to create flickering lights?

    Halloween Props
    I am hosting a "funeral home" themed party this year and I typically decorate each room in the house as though it is part of a haunted house walk-through. I am hoping to convert the whole kitchen into a morgue/embalming room. It really would be cool to make the entire room flicker with a...
  2. Columns with flickering LED lamps

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    2 Columns with flickering flame LED lamps, stand 65" tall to the top of the lamp. Faux stones attached. Asking $125 for the pair, pickup in Arizona
  3. Static: Lighting stained glass windows?

    Halloween Props
    I made these 4 windows a couple of years ago and plan to use them again this year in our community haunted house. They will be hanging against a dark wall and I am trying to figure out a way to make them appear like there is light coming from inside the window. Everything I've tried isn't...
  4. Prop Showcase: Cemetery Columns - new modifications

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone - this is my first post here after lurking for several years. I'd like to say thanks for all of the inspiration and ideas. This is a great place. The column on the left has a moving leering skeleton that I built in 2016. This year, I made a new column, with some modifications and...
  5. Custom Flickering lights 120$ shipped.

    For Sale By Merchants
    I am selling a custom atmosphere element that I made. It is a flickering light setup. It consist of a steel box with a power cord and a short strand of standard construction lights and a plug on the box and end of the lights. Inside the box is a ardunio and SSR. This has 2 modes one is steady...
  6. Electronic/Software: Flickering lights how long do they last?

    Halloween Props
    Hi, My haunt theme this year is a haunted house and there are some flickering lights are necessary in this theme. I am thinking of to create this effect by using the fs2 fluorescent breaker technique https://youtu.be/w7b7B72NSf4 Did anyone did this in their haunt? How long does it work, I...
  7. Flickering led tea light candles

    General Halloween
    There are tons of tea lights on amazon. Does anyone have recommendations for good led flickering tea lights that have timers? I'm planning on having a bunch in the house and I dont want to spend time running around turning them all on one at a time. Some will be inside pumpkins and such, but...
  8. Lighting: First time doing a candle

    Halloween Props
    So I was looking at my light post I got a few years back and decided to make the light inside look like a candle since I have a flickering candle light bulb already in. So this was my first attempt at doing this...
  9. Lighting: Gemmy LED Short Circuit Lightshow flickering light bulb

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have any experience with the Gemmy LED Short Circuit bulb? I've read mixed reviews on them, saying that they flicker for a while but then end up losing the flicker effect or just stop working entirely. I have the Gemmy flickering attic/basement lights but they're not bright enough...
  10. Lighting: Flickering String of Lights

    Halloween Props
    I was wondering if there was a way to have a string of lights flicker on and off independently of each other, not just the whole strand. If this has been posted and answered before, my apologies, and could you link the thread. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Lighting: Need a candle hack

    Halloween Props
    I have a chicken wire ghost that I want to carry a candle. However, I'd really like to put her on the roof, so I need help figuring out how to wire up one of those battery-powered flickering LED candles so that I don't have to climb up the roof to turn it on. The one I'm using is a long taper...
  12. How to make non flicker LEDs into flicker LEDs...

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey everyone. My wife and I recently found an interesting outdoor light at one of our local thrift stores, but the LED lights inside were corroded. Anne, knowing that I've worked with LED's before, wanted to know if I could rewire it. After some diagnosis, I know how I'm going to do it...
  13. Electronic/Software: Flickering LED light system update

    Halloween Props
    Here is a video showing my final setup for my flickering LED lights that I made this year! They worked out great and made life so much easier using these for everything instead of battery powered things all over the place. I will be adding more candles and pumpkins to the yard next on the system...
  14. Static: Is this too crude for an outdoor prop?

    Halloween Props
    This year I am making a giant clown face 8'X12' . The open mouth will be the entrance to my front door. My decorations are mostly for my adult party. I was thinking of having the letters FUN above the clown with the N flickering - leaving FU. The prop will not be illuminated on Halloween...
  15. Where can I find a flickering light bulb ???

    Halloween Props
    I thought I remember seeing them last year, but I did a google search, and checked Spirit Halloween's website and did not find any. Does anyone know where I can find them ??? Thanks in advance !