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  1. Favourite Oldschool Horror Movies?

    Horror Discussion
    Really I'd love to know! A few of my favourites are; Ice Cream Man, Dolls , An American Werewolf In London, Sleep Away Camp , Clown House, and Night Of The Demons. None of them were stereotypical 'scary' but something about that 80s/90s campy slasher flick feel always interests me. Guess it...
  2. Static: Shadow Caster

    Halloween Props
    If anybody wants this feel free to use it. A quick easy way to turn your home into a slasher flick Just print up this picture,(bigger version here https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/28864767543/in/datetaken-public/) glue it to a piece of cardboard, and a little bit of folded cardboard...
  3. "The Witch"

    Horror Discussion
    The Witch was a Sundance Festival film from January 2015 but according to IMDB, it won't be available to see until early 2016. This looks like such a good movie. This doesn't look like your typical Hollywood scare flick, it has the right atmosphere and takes place in colonial New England - the...
  4. It Follows

    Horror Discussion
    I watched the movie It Follows the other night, and I was pretty impressed. It reminded me a lot of John Carpenter's Halloween. It has an interesting story line, uses a lot of interesting camera angles, the synthesizer music is definitely a throwback, and the creative use of make up and no blue...