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  1. Lighting: LED flood light with lots of features

    Halloween Props
    I was looking for something to cast a large dinosaur image on our 2-story house's side wall when we set up for our dino haunt and can't wait to try out. It's 15W and hoping it will be bright enough to do what I want and still be creepy lighting. Just ordered it from Amazon. It's a set of...
  2. Lighting: Cheap 3W RGB Spot Lights

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone been using these cheap Chinese 3W RGB spot lights? How did they hold up? I bought a few of them and plan to try them in this holder I found at Big Lots for $4. The lights fit in the fixture very, very, snug and would think will keep the weather at bay. I figured for $8.xx total...
  3. Lighting: Skull Sconce WIP

    Halloween Props
    £1 Shop plastic skull mask, jaw removed and top of skull trimmed and inverted to hold electric tealight. Thin coating of watered down cheap 'hard as nails for aging texture. Eyes, nose and mouth to be drilled out and/or filled yet. Will replace backing with a half decent oval board when I pick...
  4. Lighting: Gemmy/Spirit Spotlights

    Halloween Props
    I've been meaning to post that I had picked up a blue LED Gemmy spotlight from Spirit Halloween. Brought it home and plugged it in to make sure it worked. It started strobing. And I thought wait, I thought I picked up a regular spotlight which the package is labeled as "Blue LED Spotlight". I...