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  1. General Halloween
    Many years ago I purchased my first fog machine at Walmart. While most older Gemmy products have issues a few years after production this one did not. It worked really good each year up until 2018 when I noticed that it wouldn’t respond to the remote and would go off once it warmed up. I though...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi New member from Toronto. Seeking help on fixing my Howler Werewolf. Wiring has been disconnected from switch
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi, Just trying to find a video that goes through how to fix Zultan's curtains
  4. Halloween Props
    So I have this bubble fog machine that I bought three or so years ago. When I pulled it out this time and turned it on, the nozzle part wouldn't dip into the bubble solution. It appeared to try, but had some light sound coming from it. It wouldn't even go back all the way to the top. I figured...
1-4 of 4 Results