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  1. Arkham Asylum 2019 (Party Decorations)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, I finally decided to pull the trigger and have a Halloween party. I've always wanted to, but I live alone and am self conscious about the cleanliness of my house. I decided "life's too short [redacted] it!" I'm a huge Batman fan both metaphorically and literally (too many carbs) so I...
  2. Static: Halloween Train Platform Build

    Halloween Props
    We've been doing the Halloween trains for years and have gone through multiple versions and train sizes. I decided this year to make it a little larger but also have room for some of our Halloween light up houses and to make more room for some of the larger train cars like the Ecto 1 last...
  3. Hobbit Tracking Device

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello! I made a painting to spy on my guests. I've printed a picture of Barad-Dur on the canvas. Cut a hole on the Sauron's eye place for a spotlight with a focused beam. I connect the spotlight to the painting throw 2 servos and servo brackets. To make the beam more visible I added a fog...
  4. Build a pneumatic cob web gun

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is yet another orphan how-to, unfortunately I never recorded who the original creator of this one was: I saw these web guns for sale on various websites and they aren't that cheap. After reading up on them I figured it was time I made one. I'm going to keep these instruction brief since...
  5. Globalfear enterprise

    Merchant Reviews
    I had been looking at their full body costumes for a long time now, couple years ago, I missed their black Friday special.. when I asked, a few weeks past the deadline because their website still had the discounts, they said they couldn't do it.. SOOO all good, I waited another year, and last...
  6. The first (and probably last) Ghostbusters Halloween train!

    General Halloween
    Been working on this idea for a while. I've taken an old Ecto 1 remote controlled car with lights and siren that a guy modified to add more lights and wanted to mount it to one of my trains for Halloween. The trick was it had to be high enough to get around the other trains since I've got 3...
  7. Quick & Easy Fire & Ice Shrouds

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    If you're like me, you hate seeing the light source from the sides of Fire & Ice Lights. Here's a quick easy way to make shrouds for them to eliminate that problem. Cut down a 12 ounce Styrofoam cup to 2-1/2". Apply a couple coats of flat black craft paint to the outside. When it's dry, slip it...
  8. Electronic/Software: Anyone have the Skeleton Bedtime Story by Total Home FX?

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have the Total Home FX Skeleton Bedtime Story? I can't find any preview of it longer than a few seconds. It looks like decent digital decoration, and I'm thinking of add it to my haunted portrait. However, my TV is in a vertical configuration, so it looks like it's a portrait, and...
  9. Prop Showcase: Facade build 2018

    Halloween Props
    Asylum facade build 2018 Ok update as of 10/31/2018 for those that don't want to go through the whole thread All set up and ready for Halloween! Got the Arkham Asylum sign done! Got the door and the stone columns on and it's set up in the front yard!!! Testing the lighting The...
  10. enlarging photos to fit on large tombstones

    General Halloween
    I know there is software that allows you to specify what size object you want to make and it will break up the photo in to multiple parts so when it is all taped together it is the size you need. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the software or find it when I googled it. Does anyone...
  11. Other: Need HELP with some Back Stories PLEASE

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone! I am so grateful for this forum. :D This is my first year finding it and it has been a lifesaver! I am looking for a little help with some back stories for props I have in my Dead and Breakfast this year. I typically can write with the best of them, but I am having a hard time...
  12. Instrumental Play List Help

    Halloween Music
    Trying to put together a Trick or Treat playlist for this season, and I need some more ideas. I'm leaning towards just doing ominous/creepy instrumental songs. So far I have: - Walking Dead title theme - Halloween movie theme and other various songs from that movie - Exorcist movie theme - It...
  13. Electronic/Software: Fairy Halloween projection?

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know of a fairy, goblin, sprite, etc. themed Halloween projection, ala AtmosFX? We're having trouble finding one to fit our theme. It's more seelie & unseelie court, rather than Tinkerbell/Disney-style fairy tale.
  14. Pneumatic: animatronic decision help

    Halloween Props
    So my buddy does a yard haunt not too far away from me this year he will take a break he has 2 amazing poison props he wont be using so he asked me if I wanted to borrow one I said yes!! I need help since I can really only fit one prop which one of these would be best? Here is a video of my...
  15. Scream Ghostface Costume Life-sized

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Scream Ghostface costume life-sized finally done! Accurate sparkle robe by NK Studios. Wanted to have him holding the knife but knife would not fit into the hands, and my other big hands would not fit into the sleeve since it has a sewn in glove. More pics and video to come!
  16. Other: TV Screen to Reality

    Halloween Props
    Lots of people have done things around a TV as a prop (thinking of the Poltergeist girl and last season Tekky had the Terror Vision tv sets). Today I saw a really well done take on that theme done as a movie promo for the "Rings" with Samara coming out of a TV at at TV electronics showroom...
  17. Atmosphere Effects: Spooky Ambiance Sounds

    Halloween Props
    I was looking for sound effects to use this year and found this way cool site!! http://halloween.ambient-mixer.com/ You can make your own mix of creepy sounds to fit whatever your theme is! It is free and there are a lot of user made ambiances you can also download. Have fun!
  18. One-Eyed Jack with Motion Maker - $35, OBO

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/232042530895?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Make me an offer and I'll send him on his way. He will fit in a large USPS Priority Mail flat-fee box, so shipping will be right around $11.35.
  19. The Unorthodox 2016 project.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So, since most of our intended project this year is being put on hold. Instead, we are looking at remodeling the house as a first option. Moving as a second. Didn't feel right to throw this stuff up in general, but still figured on documenting, so here we are. Unlike TK421, we're not...
  20. Static: Unit 70 Props

    Halloween Props
    Been looking around looking for creepy Halloween props to buy for this year 2016, came upon unit 70 they are on facebook as well I have a couple props from them, I bought them used on ebay they are amazing good quality. Has anyone ever buy from them? I have been looking at these props they all...