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  1. Already Planning 2019 Yard Display!

    General Halloween
    So I usually go all out and do a massive yard display every year. I havent been able to for the last couple years but will finally have the space next year. I want to re-do the pirate ship I did a few years ago, but I want to make it look like its on the bottom of the ocean and do a full...
  2. Super Mario Bros Yard Display

    General Halloween
    Hello All.... Here is the video of our yard display for this year. Everything hand made. Theme went over really well. Lots of people commented that they wanted to go home and play Mario Bros. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II_jRmI1_cI
  3. Static: Governor's Punch - twist on head in a jar prop

    Halloween Props
    I've created a tutorial on my addition to the popular head in a jar prop trick. The classic trick is probably best described by this tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/head-in-a-jar-prank/ Here is my spin on it: https://frugalhaunts.com/tutorial%231-gpunch Basically, I've used a...
  4. Static: jellyfish pumpkins

    Halloween Props
    So i went to a jack lantern walk last night that was at the zoo my wife works at. and there were so many amazingly carved pumpkins but these were my absolute favorite. pumpkins carved to look like jelly fish with streamer tentacles! I just had to share them in case anybody was looking for an...
  5. Static: Fountain for Drake Manor

    Halloween Props
    Well I didn't intend to make a fountain, but then had a heap of smaller boxes and plastic plant pots that were taking up space so decided to give it a go and basically just stuck them all on top of each other and painted them! I was then going to have the fountain actually working but after...
  6. "Pond" renovation

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I only say "pond" because it was basically a 3 feet deep hole originally so not really worth of being called a pond but that's what we call it. We did this about 10 years ago & over the years it's settled about 6 inches or more, water was leaking out of the top of the "stream" because it...
  7. Prop Showcase: Angus the Angler Fish

    Halloween Props
    Here he is the newest creation. Angus the Angler Fish. He looks great from any angle(r) :) L.e.d light, Hanging on a cable. Sculpted, Molded, and cast in latex and flexfoam Blacklight painted. Please share your comments! Thanks for looking. Love the way he turned out. Real happy with...
  8. Static: Fish mask help

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know what the name of this mask is? I found it on Halloween-Mask.com but i think they rename the masks
  9. Other: fish tank prop ideas????

    Halloween Props
    I have a 10 gallon fish tank. any cool ideas what to do with it? any pics of your fish tank based props?
  10. We finally finished our fortune teller booth!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    It took us a bit, as this is our first year trying to build an actual prop but I like it all other than her turban. Since she can't actually tell fortunes we included fortune fish and chocolate covered fortune cookies for everyone to take! I would love input on how to improve her!
  11. Static: Snake or Fish Scales

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know how to either make or locate fish or lizard scales?