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  1. Buttonbanger Homepage down?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! We are a small Group and want to do the, maybe, first Huanted House in Switzerland. Because we barrley don't have accsess to Haunted House parts here in Switzerland, we have to do alot by ourself, wich is very intressting and we love it. We we're looking for a Prop controller, and...
  2. Excited to do my first haunt this year!

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, I'm so excited and amazed at everything that I see on this website. This will be our first year to do a larger haunt so I've been on here looking for ideas. The last neighborhood that we lived in no one really trick-or-treat it there. We would put out a few pumpkins and scary...
  3. A Halloween Nativity Set!

    Hi! I'm new to the forums, I found this great site after I had created my latest project and was looking for a place to share it, but now I think I've found one of my new favorite places :) Anyway, I wanted to share my latest project we're trying to get off the ground, it's a halloween nativity...
  4. First Halloween

    General Halloween
    I don't have a good enough memory to remember my first halloween, but when I found the pictures I saw that I found I thought I was cute. My mom, dressed as a ghost, holding me, dressed as a pumpkin. Boy was a cute? I mean, a pumpkin? I was my mom's little pumpkin. How about you? Do you know...