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  1. Lighting: HELP: Lightning controller Low voltage analog to DMX512??

    Halloween Props
    Hello. I bought a Firefly Lightning Controller (LFC) 301 a couple years back. In addition to the outputs for LED/Halogen/Incan lights, it also has a low voltage strobe controller (0-10v) that's suitable for some older types of strobes. I recently picked up a ADJ Lightning COB strobe and would...
  2. Low-lying fog, or lightning storm for a graveyard?

    Halloween Props
    So, I purchased a lightning storm simulator for my haunt, but now I'm torn. What looks better? The creepiness of low-lying fog in the graveyard, or a lightning and thunderstorm effect?? :eek: I don't think both at the same time makes sense. The weather conditions that lead to a lightning storm...
  3. Lighting: Anyone use Firefly for lightning/thunder effect?

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I'm considering getting a Firefly controller to simulate lightning for my graveyard this year. I'm curious if anyone here has some feedback on how well it works etc. If you're using a different controller, I'd be curious to hear about it. Also, if you're using one of these, how are you...
  4. Thunder / Lightning machine

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, Looking for a used Thunder/Lightning box. Anything from a Perfect Storm to Izombie or Firefly. Really looking for an Izombie or Firefly however. Figured someone might be updating. Not picky if it's stereo or mono. I had a Perfect Storm before so it would be an upgrade for me either...
  5. For Sale: Firefly FF-201 Lightning Simulator

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    LightsAlive FireFly FF-201 lightning simulator. It contains two channels, one of which can be either lightning or dimming. Lightning mode synchronizes light with thunder. Dimming mode causes connected lights to dim during the closest and strongest "lightning strikes," thus simulating power about...
  6. Electronic/Software: thunder and lightning machine

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone suggest a thunder and lightning machine? Perhaps a Firefly or other?
  7. Need help choosing LED lights for new controller

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this forum for the past week and decided to join today. I need help in selecting LED lights for a thunder & lightning controller. I will soon purchase the FireFly FF-511. I already have two 500-watt powered speakers that will provide powerful and...
  8. Lighting: FireFly FF-501 Lightning Machine Owners

    Halloween Props
    I hope I'm putting this post in the right spot (and that it's not old news...). I just found out that I can upgrade my FF-501 lightning machine to the new version: "FireFly FF-501 owners can upgrade their lightning simulator to the new FireFly FF-511. Return your 501 to Lights Alive with...
  9. Atmosphere Effects: Speaker Selection for thunder / lighting soundtrack with firefly or i-zombie

    Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone. So I have decided to purchase several 5 LED floods and a lightning generator/machine for my haunt this year. I have not decided between I-Zombie or FireFLy but they seem to be the best of breed. I have def decided I am choosing LED spots and the higher end of either model. I...
  10. Atmosphere Effects: i-Zombie Lightning Controllers vs. FireFly Lightning Simulator

    Halloween Props
    I’m debating between i-Zombie Lightning Controllers (http://www.i-zombie.com/) or the FireFly Lightning Simulator (http://www.lights-alive.com/ctrl_firefly.html). FireFly has an extensive list of why their system is better http://www.lights-alive.com/pdf/FireFly_vs_iZombie.pdf however, this...