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  1. Static: My Styrofoam Fieldstone Fireplace WIP

    Halloween Props
    So I have decided to transform my small dining room this year into a Witches Kitchen. Here is a pic of my dining room now: Of course a proper witch kitchen needs a big field stone fireplace for hanging cauldrons in. And because I'm insane and overly ambitious I decided to build one under...
  2. Static: Foam Carved Fire Place Needs finish!!! HELP?

    Halloween Props
    This is a fire place i have been working on for a a few weeks now, i have it about as far as my ideas can carry me... all i can do is stare at it now (i know we have all been there) :) please help me come up with a way to either "gore it up" or add something to it to make it "haunted". i plan on...