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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi All! I'm new here- I decided to sign up because I made my first Halloween scene this year and had such a great time. Now I'm already thinking about next year... I want to do a Pirates of the Caribbean scene from The Curse of the Black Pearl, specifically the treasure cave scene. I would like...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi All, My wife and I are doing our bit to support Halloween in Australia, we've only been doing it the last couple of years and decorated for the first time 2 years ago, looking at going bigger and better this year. In the past it's been predominantly spiders and webbing to the point...
  3. Halloween Props
    This was my first time attempting to sculpt a prop and I think it turned out pretty well. My plan is to finish the pneumatics of it tomorrow so he can hopefully pop up from behind his headstone.
  4. Halloween Props
    Hello all, I am trying to finish this part of my display. What color do you think I should put on my burning witch? I used a small strobe to show a bit of detail but it really isn't doing the job I think it needs to. any help is appreciated.
  5. Halloween Props
    This pallet wood pumpkin project was so easy to do from start to finish. It started with the last pallet wood I had disassembled last year. Then I scavenged from the kids craft paint stash. Some dry brushing the paint on and swiping it off and it was done in time for the little trick or...
  6. General Halloween
    I feel so MEH. I want to go out and finish at night but I start sweating and feel gross and it's no longer fun within like 10 minutes.
  7. Member Introduction
    Greetings HalloweenForum.com Users and Staff, My name is Showers and I come before you, presumably at your favorite time of year! About me: California, US. When not working, I volunteer my time with one of the best film and costume prop makers in my area. I will make your mannequins blush...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hubby & I have been working on the haunted doll house for a few years. We originally bought the doll house for our daughter at a flea market $25 but when we opened the box we found out that it was water damaged. Undeterred, we decided to turn it into a Haunted Doll House. Hubby built the wrap...
  9. Halloween Props
    This might be the last one of these patterns I make this year ( or until another idea hits me lol). It was the same process as the spider and cat. Here is the maquette. I want the finished one to be about 3' tall. I'll post pics of the assembled piece and pics of it when it is filled out and...
  10. General Halloween
    Here is Hillcrest Cemetery 2017. Turned out good even with the bad weather and the fact the I had to wait last minute on Halloween day in the late afternoon to finish putting stuff out.
  11. General Halloween
    I enjoy the planning and execution stages of my haunt as much as the 'reveal'. How much do you plan in advance? Is it a months long process to plan and build or do you madly rush to finish the last week of October? Share your process and current pics if you have some to show your progress to...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hey guys been absent for a while with work . Just showing off my latest works. It's Mother! Mrs. Bates. I'm waiting on her blouse to come in to Finish her off. She is a Resin foam filled piece. Here are some pics and thanks for looking!!
  13. Halloween Props
    I'll have more photos soon. I am loving this lighting so far. Still need to finish lighting my skeleton tree.
  14. General Halloween
    Well I didn't get to display this last year because there was no time to finish, but I promised myself I would get it done and up, just fabricated the columns and all 6 should be up this week...
  15. General Halloween
    So with Oct just around the corner, what's everyone got going on this weekend? For myself, I will be getting the fence and tombstones up as well as finishing other tombstones. Still have to finish my grave walker guy, which will be creeping through the cemetery with a coffin on his back=)...
  16. Halloween Props
    I have 3 large 4 X 8 wall panels that I need to weather proof. I need the coating to be a clear matte finish and relatively easy to apply to large surfaces. I did a search on the forum and saw that clear polyurethane is often used for small projects. Can it be used for large projects? If so...
  17. Halloween Props
    I just finished the top half of Norm today and I want to share. I think he turned out OK. I guess I could have spent a little more time on the paint, but when I saw the finish line I sprinted the whole way in. There are progress pics in my 2015 Album if you want to see more..
  18. Halloween Props
    The remake of my cemetery columns. You get to see it from start to finish. Please like and subscribe. Thanks for watching.
  19. General Halloween
    Sunny afternoon, 25 miles from home, walking to "board" my striped-down Jeep. (No roof, no doors) I see a couple "boarding" a Harley. I tell them," My "Bike" doesn't need a kickstand." Conversations begin. He has been through Ravens Grin,she has not. We trade some odd stories. I tell them...
  20. General Halloween
    Hi All, Here is this year's "haunt", if you would even call it that... Everything was created with 1/4" plywood and acrylic paints. I first sketched the images on wood, then cut the outlines with a jig saw and mixed paint to match the colors as closely as I could. I used a matte finish spray...
1-20 of 23 Results