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  1. Finial options

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    Hey all, I need to find a source for finials to go on my cemetery gate. The thing is I used pvc pipe that has an outer diameter of 1 1/16" and an inner diameter of 15/16". Has anyone had luck finding finials that fit this size pipe? King Metals has some that i can "drive into 1"" 16 gauge tube...
  2. fence finials

    Halloween Props
    What's the best/cheapest place to order the 3/4 in fence finial toppers? I priced out the number I need from King Metals and with shipping it'll be 93.00 + 25.00 shipping for a total of $118.00 and that's for 323 finials. I called to ask about a promotion and she said they may be doing...
  3. Static: 3D Printed Finials for PVC Fences

    Halloween Props
    As I've previously mentioned in my general 3D Printing thread, one of the Halloween things I'm using my printer for is to design finials to be used on PVC fence. Until today, I'd only released one finial design, the traditional four-fin delta shape, which I called the Tetra: I just released...
  4. PVC Prop Fence with a curve

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We are building our faux wrought iron fencing from inspiration here and thought I would share what we are doing so far. Because our space for the graveyard is on a driveway curve, we had to change materials to create something flexible. Making 8 sections: Materials for each: 3-4ft wide...
  5. Static: Cheap fencing finials

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    I found these plastic finials at .30 and .33 cents...does anyone know of a cheaper place? http://www.decorativeiron.com/products.php?page=2&view=subcategory&category_id=6&subcategory_id=22 http://www.decorativeiron.com/products.php?page=1&view=subcategory&category_id=6&subcategory_id=22
  6. Fence Finials

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have some extra Fence Finials leftover from building my fence. These work great on 1/2" PVC as long as you heat the end of the PVC with a heat gun and give it a little crimp. They are on solidly. Each box contains 100 plastic finials. They are $50.00 per box plus $12.65 flat rate shipping...
  7. Static: Yard haunt fenceing

    Halloween Props
    I'm making a pvc Wrought iron fence to go around my front yard this year. here's what i've got so far. here's 1 panel so far. its 8 ft with 11 posts at 8 inches apart. i used 1/2 inch conduit for the posts and wood furring strips for the cross sections. in the pictures above i have little...
  8. Plastic Finials Lots

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD!!!I'm selling two lots of plastic finials, perfect for topping your graveyard fence! I have two boxes packed ready to ship. Each box contains 60 of the plastic finials as pictured. Each finial is 4" tall and the base is a very tight fit on a 1/2 pvc pipe. You will probably need to sand...
  9. Static: Architectural Metal Pieces

    Halloween Props
    The metal pieces that I ordered for my gothic decor arrived. Purchased these from www.decorativeiron.com Plan on putting two of the large 14 1/2 inch finials on tubing and setting them in my large cement urns on my front step. The smaller finials are for my cemetary fencing and I'll use the...
  10. Static: How to glue small pipe into larger finial

    Halloween Props
    I bought fence finials but the 1/2 inch pvc pipe was too big to go into them. I found some cpvc pipe that fits into them but there is a lot of room to spare. I am looking for suggestions as to how to glue the finial onto the small cpvc pipe. I have thought about putting duct tape around the pipe...