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  1. Mechanical: Breathing Lungs

    Halloween Props
    Hi there, I am a newbie. I think I look everywhere I can think of the site for something specific. I apologies if this has been asked before. This year I am making an open torso prop. I have an idea on how to make most of the body parts. What I am having troubles finding how to make the lungs...
  2. Static: Where to find quality little spiders

    Halloween Props
    Last year I did a bathroom with tons of roaches and they looked pretty real. This year is going to be spiders, but I'm having a hard time finding ones that look good. Anybody know where to get some?
  3. Static: I need help finding a source for UltraCal

    Halloween Props
    I wanted to make my first sculpt and mold and I have more than enough clay, but I am having alot of problems finding UltraCal. I called US Gypsum and got a few numbers but nothing helpful. I am in New Orleans and the closest possible place to purchase it would be Dallas which is 10 hours away...
  4. Mechanical: Interactive Zombie Target

    Halloween Props
    This was a prop I started years ago and never finished because I never ended up doing a zombie theme. I thought with so many people doing the zombie thing that some people might like to see it. I am working on a much simpler version of this using all 12v components its just a matter of finding...
  5. Hello!

    Member Introduction
    I've been lurking here a while, but haven't really said hello yet. So, Hello! I'm not actually a "haunter", but I love all things Halloween. I do make independent paranormal documentaries and films, and I'm finding this forum to be a great asset in making low cost props for my films.
  6. Yankee haunted house burner

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi folks I'm based in the uk and looking for Halloween burners be grateful for you're help I'm finding it difficult for shipping to the uk. Help thank you all
  7. A longtime lurker says hello!

    Member Introduction
    I've been lurking on this site for two years now and decided it was finally time to sign up and participate. I particularly enjoy the Halloween crafts forum and the Halloween merchandise sighting threads. I've never known anyone who is as big on Halloween as myself, so finding this place and...
  8. Electronic/Software: Need help finding a startle sound effect.

    Halloween Props
    I am having trouble finding a startle sound effect like what it used in the mazes at Universal halloween horror nights. If anyone has a file or knows where I could locate one it would be greatly appreciated. I will try to find an example and post it in the morning. Thanks! Example...
  9. Need help finding cheap medical supplies for asylum/hospital theme

    General Halloween
  10. greetings from the haunted south

    Member Introduction
    Hey folks, New to the forum. Figured I'd introduce myself. Here's to finding a group of people as obsessed with Halloween as I am.
  11. New to Forum

    Member Introduction
    Olaf….I mean Hola….sorry, my kid's watch too much Frozen Anyway, I'm new to the Forum and look forward to getting new ideas for costumes for Halloween. Actually, looking forward to finding places to get them at. And good ones that are cheap don't hurt either!
  12. Static: First Prop of The Year

    Halloween Props
    Went up to the local Salvation Army store like I normally do once a week. It's a great place to find cheap prop supplies and never know what else I'll end up finding there. Ended up finding some good size rolls of white fabric among some bags of left over scraps and odd and ends. The fabric kind...
  13. An Unorthodox Halloween 2014

    General Halloween
    Overall great year. Lots I wasn't totally happy with, and an injury of unknown severity to my knee while tearing down and the annual flare up of tendonitis in my hands hit especially hard this year, but considering all challenges this year, about as good as could be expected. Unfortunately...
  14. Looking for a thread. crank arm marionette

    General Halloween
    somebody here did a marionette crank arm style. Would love a little help finding said thread. Thx.
  15. Help finding true purple mini lights

    General Halloween
    Was wondering if anyone could offer up a recommendation regarding the purchase of true purple mini lights. It seems that they are nearly impossible to find (most are light purple or fuchsia). If anyone has had any luck finding some I would really appreciate a response.
  16. Electronic/Software: Sourcing a fun audio track for two talking skulls

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I have two, and maybe a third, talking skulls (recently modded classic Boris ones) and would like something fun for them to say or sing in our elementary school haunt. I've seen some referenced from years back (hillbilly humor and more) but the links are all broken. Does anybody have...