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  1. Halloween Music
    A couple of days ago I was watching this amazing documentary about the Scary Stories books: The documentary was very well narrated and filmed. I highly recommend you watching it for free on Tubi streaming. This is one of the artist that contributed music to the film:
  2. Member Introduction
    Not a shock that I was a MonsterKid, growing up in the 1970's, reading Famous Monsters of Filmland, watching for old movies in the TV Guide, and staying up late on Saturdays to watch local horror hosts. I began making short movies on my dads Super-8 camera, each with a horror or monster trend...
  3. General Halloween
    We all love the Big H here, but most everyone has their own list of Halloween-related things they've never done. Maybe you've never bobbed for apples, or taken a ghost tour, or carved a pumpkin? Here's my list: I've never: Attended or hosted a Halloween Party Traveled to a Halloween...
  4. Announcements / Press Releases
    https://vimeo.com/ondemand/atgod Thank you to everyone who's shown support over the years for either Cedar Street Films USA or Ghoulish Grin Films. It's much appreciated. And on to the next project! :)
  5. Member Introduction
    Howdy folks. Been about 10 years since I was last active on any haunt forums, but just wanted to say hi again. :o When I was active a zillion years ago, ACC would sell 4th quality buckies at great prices, but now it doesn't do that. Where is the go to place now for skellies? Anyway, now that...
  6. Announcements / Press Releases
    My partner and I are still getting settled into the new house after a move this summer, so we're not going all out with the decorating like we usually do, but I've got to vent those creative Halloween juices somehow, so this year (for the second year in a row), I've put together a program of...
  7. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi Halloweeners! I have uploaded the podcast version of my live broadcast from Halloween night! https://soundcloud.com/fotwaudio/halloween-listening-party-2016-live-broadcast It features a special with John Massari, composer of Killer Klowns from Outer Space; spooky recipes from the...
  8. General Halloween
    Luckily, this year, November contains a Friday the 13th. This makes this Novemberween celebrations extra fun and extra creepy! For quite some years now, I have made it a point to watch one of the Friday the 13th films on Friday the 13th. I bet some of you here have tried this. I guess it's...
  9. Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Alex. Followed the address from a dancing skeleton video on Facebook. Sounds like a fun place and it's almost October, so I signed up. I love Halloween, the original Addams Family, ghost stories and other Horror books and films that use more imagination than fake blood, and of course Tim...
  10. Member Introduction
    I've been lurking here a while, but haven't really said hello yet. So, Hello! I'm not actually a "haunter", but I love all things Halloween. I do make independent paranormal documentaries and films, and I'm finding this forum to be a great asset in making low cost props for my films.
1-10 of 16 Results