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  1. Ideas for Scary Short Film

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I was thinking of filming and making a short scary film, does anyone have any suggest or stories ideas they want me to use to make this film? I would love to work with you and film it all but use your story idea if I like it.
  2. my haunted cemetery 2018

    General Halloween
    My haunted cemetery on halloween night. We didnt get as many trick or treaters as we hoped (and ironically I did all this to try to attract more trick or treaters to our street.) Also, I had a fogger but the controller is wired to it and I didnt have a remote. So I had no way to generate any...
  3. Evil Eye Pelt Thing

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    When I built our new witch hut I cut pieces of the side panels from our old one to create "pelts" that look like dried or tanned skins with human body parts embedded in them. I've had many questions and requests for tutorials on them, but since they were salvaged from an older work I don't...
  4. Guide to visiting pet sematary filming locations

    Horror Discussion
    For anyone who likes the movie Pet Sematary, you'll want to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZfVFcngpm0
  5. Hello all, Steve (Dogman) here from La Honda,Ca

    Member Introduction
    This is my favorite time of year...setting up props of many Halloween years, looking for new ideas (time permuted) Filming it for the record (time permitted) and cleaning up the next day of all the candy that was split from someones child who got a bad-dose of something that they never thought...
  6. Static: Noodle Root Video

    Halloween Props
    I finally got around to putting together my first ever SPEAKING tutorial video for how to make the noodle roots I used to build the vine arch I recently posted. I'm a bit of an uptight guy so I might seem a bit stiff on nervous as the video starts, but I get more relaxed by the end. My oldest...