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  1. Electronic/Software: Creating a cheap 5.1 surround sound system

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I would like to make a speaker system where voices seem to move around an area. As people walk up the driveway voices travels around them. Back in the bad old days I had an 8 track player and quadraphonic speaker system that played Dark Side of the Moon. I always loved it. Today I'm...
  2. Hobbit Tracking Device

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello! I made a painting to spy on my guests. I've printed a picture of Barad-Dur on the canvas. Cut a hole on the Sauron's eye place for a spotlight with a focused beam. I connect the spotlight to the painting throw 2 servos and servo brackets. To make the beam more visible I added a fog...
  3. Lost files and how-to's

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I decided that instead of uploading these files in a one by one thread, I'd upload these to my Keep and Share account, below is a list of the available files, each one is a direct link to that file. Some are no longer online, you will see some that are obviously still online (there is one here...
  4. Saving Your Favorite Sites

    General Halloween
    You know that feeling you get when you find a site that has a great tutorial on making something you’ve wanted to do for ages? You get all excited and you bookmark the site, promising to return to it one day. Sometime later, you return only to find the site is no longer there. Or sadly, as in...
  5. Halloween 2018 up and running!

    General Halloween
    After setting up for 6 weeks, here are some photos of our Halloween production this year. I have over 100 photos and videos, but I have not been able to post videos due to file size limitations. I will be taking many more photos and videos on Halloween night! :D
  6. Projected Pumpkins.com

    For Sale By Merchants
    New Highway to Hell pumpkins are ready for this Halloween! Check them out on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5amfm43KGA Awesome animated display for Halloween. Just one projector for all three pumpkins. Come to ProjectedPumpkin.com for more details on this and many more...
  7. VSA v5 dowload

    Halloween Props
    This is my first post, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place. I bought vsa professional version 5 a few years back but didn’t get to use it through many things going on in my life. I have got to a stage where I want to use it now with 2 three axis skulls and to play around with lights for...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Need a Dolby ATMOS or DTS:X special effect sound file

    Halloween Props
    For our neighborhood haunted hay ride, I plan on staging my guest in the garage as they wait for their turn. I have plenty of speakers plus a spare subwoofer to setup a 7.1 sound system. So my idea is, just turn off the lights and play a short sound effect file with scary sound objects moving...
  9. Electronic/Software: Convert VSA routines to LOR

    Halloween Props
    I heard of this out there somewhere, but didn't pay too much attention because I didn't need it. This year, I am helping someone with their haunt and it looks like this might be needed. He is going to have a large number of LED lights to control so he's too limited with the number of channels in...
  10. AtmosFX question

    General Halloween
    Hey Gang First time doing projections and having some difficulty. I have the skeleton scenes and I am trying to run them off my computer and projecting them thru a Epson 3220. To get continues looping I’m using VLC media player. My problem is that at the start of each scene the file name comes...
  11. Reusing uploaded images in 1+ posts & gallery / album

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I have noticed that there is no option to re-use uploaded image file. I'm forced to re-upload the same image file several times (different threads and gallery). Is there no option to let us re-use image files across the forum and gallery?
  12. Mechanical: Wiper Motor Mounting Template

    Halloween Props
    I made this for a customer and figured I'd share it here too. This is the basic layout for a wiper motor mount. I know for sure it will work with a Fright Props or Monster Guts motor. .0625 = 1/16 inch :) I saved this 1:1 from a CAD file but I am not sure how well it will scale to print so...
  13. Electronic/Software: Another Micca Speck question

    Halloween Props
    So I was so happy to get my Micca Speck. I now can leave it with the projector and not have to keep burning new DVDs every time I buy a new projection, or worse yet leaving my computer attached to the projector. BUT No matter what file format I am using, currently tried MP4 MKV, and AVI, I...
  14. Sarah the Axe Killer

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for the DVD or File of Sarah the Axe Killer. I have looked everywhere eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and here last year. I have not been able to find anyone with this DVD or File. Please if you know of anyone with either, I would greatly appreciate the assistance in obtaining...
  15. Electronic/Software: Mp4 file

    Halloween Props
    Would anyone happen to have an MP4 file of singing pumpkins that they would be willing to share? I would like to test out an experiment.
  16. HF not resizing images for upload?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Anyone else receiving an error with image size during uploads? I'm trying to update my posts and have been using the same mobile images as before, however, I'm now receiving an error that the images are unable to be resized and that I'll have to do it manually. I post to multiple forums and...
  17. Sound File Mix I Made That I Call "Forbidden Wind"

    Halloween Music
    I took a whole bunch of haunting sounds files, and I mixed them together with Goldwave. The last two Halloweens that we were in NY I played this file on a loop out our front window. It sounded great echoing in the cool night air. Use it as you please...
  18. Alvin Schwartz - Ghosts

    Halloween Music
  19. Bob McFadden And Dor "Songs Our Mummy Taught Us" (BL 754056, 1959)

    Halloween Music
    Here's the download file: https://app.box.com/shared/g8ruvq875b THERE'S SOME GREAT BACKGROUND INFO AT SCAR STUFF BLOG HERE: http://scarstuff.blogspot.com/2006/08/bob-mcfadden-and-dor-songs-our-mummy.html
  20. Using AUDACITY to create a split channel stereo sound file

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This basic tutorial shows how to create a stereo sound file using AUDACITY that has different dialog on left and right channels. The general purpose of doing this would be to easily set up two talking skulls that appear to be having a conversation with each other such as “Joking” skulls. The...