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  1. Static: Ideas for Tree Stakes?

    Halloween Props
    I have 10 wooden tree stakes/poles that are 6 feet tall with point at one end and another 6 that are about 4.5 feet tall without that sharp looking point on one end. My plan was to build a fence with them and place my cauldron creep behind it so the prop is easy to see yet beyond the reach of...
  2. Static: Grave yard fence progress

    Halloween Props
    Further progress on my collapsible grave yard fence
  3. Static: Easy grave yard fence. ( minimal storage)

    Halloween Props
    Ok, so I'm working on my new graveyard fence and as much as I love the traditional rod iron look I need something easy to store. The fence I'm building is almost the same as my last house. This fence is easy to build, fairly inexpensive and folds up for easy storage. I will paint it and weather...
  4. WooooHooo.....6 days to go!

    General Halloween
    Well this next weekend since my son will be home we are going to put up our cemetery fence. Full display goes out on Labor day weekend but this is the first time to set up the fence so it will take some time to get it just right and i know it will take time to do so we are putting just the...
  5. How do I tidy up my Haunt?

    General Halloween
    I like things somewhat neat, and my haunt comes off as a messy scattered array of props and tombstones. I am mostly concerned about the Graveyard. I was thinking of ditching pumpkin nester, replacing fence...heck I don't know where to begin. What are your thoughts? The house is huge inside...
  6. Static: 3D Printed Finials for PVC Fences

    Halloween Props
    As I've previously mentioned in my general 3D Printing thread, one of the Halloween things I'm using my printer for is to design finials to be used on PVC fence. Until today, I'd only released one finial design, the traditional four-fin delta shape, which I called the Tetra: I just released...
  7. Atmosphere Effects: 2015 Silent Hill Garage Haunt Facade and Sign

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I started planning my 2016 haunt over the weekend and realized that I hadn't posted any pics on HF from my 2015 garage haunt. I did a Silent Hill theme and was really happy with how it turned out. The biggest challenges were the sign and a new facade. Here's a pic of the sign...
  8. Other: Yet another pillar question

    Halloween Props
    Post deleted
  9. Static: Building a fence to keep my light/projection show safe.

    Halloween Props
    Building a new fence to keep the kids from running into the yard to see how things work. Last thing I need is the show coming to an end because someone tripped on a cord. I decided to make a test section of 8' and I must say I like the way it's turning out. Any tips or pointers are welcome.
  10. Did a test run with the base graveyard fence design...

    Halloween Props
    The end guys are too long, obviously. The section is attached to the posts by zip ties. I am surprised how well they are holding as is but I figure I can get some couplings or sleeves to place where the fence needs to sit to help support the zip tied sections. The zip ties allow laying the fence...
  11. I screwed up :-(

    General Halloween
    I procrastinated all Winter and now I am scrambling to get some halloween projects that have to be done in the garage done THIS WEEK before the heat sets in. I have zero heat tolerance and living in TN our Spring lasts like 3 days then it just gets hot and humid. I guess I'm not going to get the...
  12. Other: Haunt help

    Halloween Props
    Needing some help. This year I plan on having a factor type haunt, I wanna make the facade a factory and plan on putting a fence around the perimeter. But chain link fence is expensive. Any cheaper options for the fencing? And anyone have pics that I can reference too for the facade other than...
  13. Static: Making progress on my cemetery fence and gate

    Halloween Props
    Started this project right after Halloween. Since our display has gotten bigger and more money has been invested in it we have been increasingly worried about vandalism, so making a more substantial fence than the flimsy pallet board fence we used the past two years has become a priority. The...
  14. All new entry and fencing for Mt Ogden Manor 2015

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    For 2015 I finally built a new entry and fencing for our haunt. We call it Mt Ogden Manor and so far it has been a walk around. I've posted some pictures of the elements to this build in the prop section, but decided to put it all together in a picture tutorial. The build includes a complete...
  15. Fence

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    First attempt.
  16. Static: “Knock-Down” Cemetery Fence – No tools required for assembly/dis-assembly

    Halloween Props
    I’ve been using this DIY fence for a number of years and this year, I wanted to document the individual pieces involved and the assembly steps as I put it up for the 2015 season. The primary reason for this design was to save storage space! My house doesn’t have a basement or any attic space...
  17. Fence Finials

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have some extra Fence Finials leftover from building my fence. These work great on 1/2" PVC as long as you heat the end of the PVC with a heat gun and give it a little crimp. They are on solidly. Each box contains 100 plastic finials. They are $50.00 per box plus $12.65 flat rate shipping...
  18. Static: Yard haunt fenceing

    Halloween Props
    I'm making a pvc Wrought iron fence to go around my front yard this year. here's what i've got so far. here's 1 panel so far. its 8 ft with 11 posts at 8 inches apart. i used 1/2 inch conduit for the posts and wood furring strips for the cross sections. in the pictures above i have little...
  19. New cemetery fence idea?

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Has anyone thought of using or have used old metal futon frames as fencing ? Such as the one pictured , using the back and bottom part as fence?
  20. Chain link fence?

    Does anyone know how to make a chain link fence?