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  1. General Halloween
    Once upon a time it was very easy for me to know what I had when it came to Halloween. I only had a handful of things and it all fit in a few totes that go stashed in the basement. Now I've taken over two closets, a large chunk of a bedroom, and a corner of the basement that keeps creeping...
  2. General Halloween
    Can't remember who it was that posted a while back about just starting out and wanting to go big, but being on a budget. I had replied that a small budget just means add a little each year, make as much as you can from whatever you can get cheap or free, hit the clearance sales, and grow it...
  3. Halloween Props
    i'm not sure if this is the proper place for this thread since i'm not using this just for halloween, so if anyone feels it should be moved, i'm okay with that. my wife and i have renovated our basement and we're wanting to put some LED strip lights along the ceiling. color-changing is strongly...
  4. General Halloween
    we're still floor to ceiling in boxes and everything is just in disarray but my gruesome groom did help me put out the graveyard today and NOW this feels like my house. <3
  5. General Halloween
    Hi all, I feel as though this season is passing before my eyes and I did not get my usual Halloween feels. My husband and I moved to NYC from the west coast this past August and downsized from a house to a tiny apartment. I also had to downsize my props and decor to my most favorite items...
  6. General Halloween
    Recently, I've been feeling out of the whole Halloween spirit and mood. I don't know why, maybe it's due to the terribly hot weather or the changes I'm facing in life, but I'm just not getting that 'click' of excitement that I got by now last year and it's been bothering me terribly. I tried to...
  7. Member Introduction
    Hello! from Burbank IL, I've been creeping around here in the shadows for a while, feels good to be out in the moon light !
  8. General Halloween
    I remember when you went trick or treating and it was dark. It just changed to that in 2007........only rain on Halloween makes me madder than this. My Feels are represented below.
  9. Halloween Crafts
    i thought it would be cool to learn how to do henna tattoos halloween flairs so my very first one this is with the paste when it flavkes off will take another pic, i dig it going to buy more and practice on me , family and friends the next ones will be better for sure first tube and learning...
1-9 of 10 Results