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  1. Lighting: IZombie SC-2401 feedback issue

    Halloween Props
    So I just picked one of these up today and have been playing around with it. I'm getting feedback in the light bulb itself. I put in a photo flood bulb to test and I can see the filament just barely lit up and can hear it buzzing. It doesn't matter where the sensitivity knob is at, or if the...
  2. Prop Showcase: Haunted Mansion-ish Bride

    Halloween Props
    My party theme this year is loosely based on Disney's HM. I wanted "The Bride" to be a recurring theme for the night. I added a veil to my beloved tombstone and I will have and AtmosFX Beckoning Beauty projected in an upstairs window. So I decided I needed a prop for inside. She will be...
  3. A Halloween dance I DJ'ed

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I haven't haunted in years however... Money talks so since I have a DJ business and plenty of homemade props, why not? Enjoy, and please give feedback. Thank you
  4. Ghostbuilders Flying Crank Ghosts

    Halloween Props
    Hi all- I stumbled upon this website today and love the Christine ghost. Does anyone here have one of these crank ghosts? I don't know that my little wispy tree can hold her and am looking for some feedback on the product and hanging if you have any experience. Also, they recommend using a...
  5. 8 Ways Haunters Survive the Holidays

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone! Drew from FrightProps here - just wanted to show you guys a fun little thing we did that maybe speaks to all of us a little. 8 Ways Haunters Survive the Holidays! Check it out on our blog and leave us some feedback!
  6. Trying to make HALLOWEEN cool in Belgium

    Member Introduction
    Hey, Been reading the tutorials for three months now.... Had my first halloween party this friday,... Still Enjoying the feedback from my guests.... http://www.halloweenforum.com/party-ideas-experiences-and-recipes/139849-my-first-halloween-party-belgium.html
  7. 19 Insane Haunted Houses You Need to See!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Buzzfeed has had a run on Halloween related stories lately & this is just one of them. 19 Terrifying Haunted Houses You Should Experience Before You Die Not sure why anyone would go through #19 but to each his or her own I suppose. Anyone that's been through any give us your feedback please.
  8. Other: Tombstone paint question

    Halloween Props
    If there is a better forum to be posting random questions in, I apologize up front and would take it kindly if someone just slapped me and told me so. My question is - is there a difference between using Latex on your stones versus "Latex Enamel" or even just Enamel? I sometimes really feel...