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  1. Member Introduction
    Hey all, I am new here and excited to be part of this great community. I love building Halloween creations for my favorite time of the year and I hope to add some of my creations to this forum soon. Please fee free to check out my website. Thanks, Nick
  2. Halloween Props
    /scratches head. I know this sounds like a stupid question (and maybe it is) but-I don't have a truck-and I have to believe that I'm not the only one;) I can't find anywhere that will deliver the foam board used to make tombstones etc for a sane price. So that makes things a little difficult...
  3. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Received a CostPlus/World Market email (signed up through their rewards program) that right now thru Mon. 10/8 in store and online, they have a Friends & Family discount of 30%. It reads: Save an extra 30%* on almost everything (except food and beverages) 10% off Food, Wine and Beer* + Free...
  4. General Halloween
    Every year we decorate our entire first floor and yard of our house and have a party for our friends. We don't normally do trick or treaters, as we have 3 big dogs. This year with all the work we put into it just to share it for 1 night, thinking about making 2 nights or so that people can bring...
  5. General Halloween
    Looking for some good ideas on getting sponsorships for my haunted house this year. Anyone have any ideas that have worked for you or fundraising ideas that might help. I feel if I could get a few sponsors. I wouldn't have to charge a entrance fee or if I did could give 100% of fee to a local...
1-5 of 5 Results