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  1. HAUNTED RADIO: tons of horror toy news, valentine's day goodies, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are celebrating a be-lated Valentine's Day with news on John Carl Buechler, Funko, Jaws, Pet Sematary, Super 7, They Live, NECA, Nightbreed, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Night Of The Creeps, It, Halloween, Living Dead Dolls, The Shining, Sabrina...
  2. Back to LA in 2019

    I see it's been sold again and will be in Pomona at the end of next February.
  3. Other Craft of the Month for february is Potion Bottle

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone going to bring the craft of the month back and we are going to start with February Craft of the month is Potion bottles lets see your creativity This is all about getting creative and showing what you made :) Let the fun start :) MARCH CRAFT - WANDS APRIL CRAFT - KIT ANY KIND...
  4. Aldi 2017??

    General Halloween
    Our store has nothing! I looked for a thread to see if anyone had posted photos from their stores, but couldn't find anything (but maybe I missed it). Usually they have stuff up by now. It's not even in their ads yet. Our store remodeled in February and still has not "recovered"...they have two...
  5. Hellloooooooo

    Member Introduction
    Hi There, I just stumbled across this forum and am excited about perusing the posts and sharing my knowledge. My husband, son, and I started getting more into Halloween three years ago. This year will be our fourth having a big Halloween in our front yard. My husband usually starts around...
  6. tombstone says what?!?

    General Halloween
    What do you have on your stones? for first years or people new to the haunt Below are some of the ones that I have in my haunt.. Curious on what everyone else has. Will E Rot Harry Dresden ( He died doing the right thing) See I told you that I was sick I'll be back Vlad Țepeș 1431–1476 Mary...
  7. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...