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  1. ALL NEW HAUNTCAST EP. 77 Available Now!

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    NEW HAUNTCAST Episode 77: Bat Guano Loco - featuring Michael 'MJ' Jonathan of Legends of the Fog haunt, Nathan Fronczak of Slaughterhouse Studios, and music from BAT!. PLUS: News From Beyond with Jeff Jeffrey Doan, Something Wicked with Ed Gannon, The Darkest Web with Morbid Mariah, Shocktails...
  2. Nightmare City Halloween 40th Anniversary Mega Halloween Playlist!!!

    Halloween Music
    Nightmare City Halloween presents the Ultimate Halloween Playlist! Featuring 1,051 songs running 66 hours. There's something for everyone here. Listen if you dare: 40 Years Of Nightmare City Halloween Additonal Nightmare City Halloween Playlists include: The Best Of Nightmare City...
  3. Looking for someone who can make tombstones.

    Wanted to Buy
    I want to craft a custom tombstone featuring four angel statues I have. Looking for someone who can make three dimensional stones and lives in or near Virginia if possible. I like my stones realistic and am very picky. Think you are up to the challenge?
  4. Monster Mashup From The Crypt

    Halloween Music
    The Yearly Monster Mashup Album is Now Available!!! Get all 3 Volumes Free on the Monster Mashup Facebook page!!! Featuring Stevo In Yr Stereo's "Vincent Price vs The Dead Killer Babies"!!!
  5. Static: Morgue

    Halloween Props
    This is my big build for this year. Its a modular design six drawer morgue featuring overhead lighting (the center light flickers) clock, pressure gage, tempt gage, power buttons & water pipe.
  6. Halloween Davy and Rose Style

    General Halloween
    With Halloween 2018 a little more than a month away, I thought I'd share what Rose and I did last Halloween with my Forum family. So.... Thrill as the White Werewolf takes on the Awesome Viking for the Teak Neighborhood Grill costume crown! Gasp as an ordinary Chrysler car trunk is transformed...
  7. My 3-minute, animated Halloween special: Halloween Calls

    General Halloween
    Every year I try to make a Halloween related video of some kind, usually either a song or a sort of greeting card. This year's is called Halloween Calls, featuring the art of Unidcolor, and a piano version of the Gravity Falls theme. Take a look:
  8. New BIG SCARY NEWS: Our Valentine's Show featuring our Ghostess with the Mostess

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    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 93 - Our Ghostess with the Mostess returns for this Valentine's Day edition. Featuring all the latest news, plus interviews with the stars of SyFy's 'Z Nation', it's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! #bigscarynews #bigscaryshow...
  9. magazines and suchj

    Wanted to Buy
    yes i am looking to buy tons of magazines horror related that has good horror movie pics in it that i can cut out and make a posterboard featuring various horror characters did anyone put out a magazine with all the horror characters pics in it
  10. Voices Of Terror

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/x805o4z3f1f9jjtpzug12xmltbd5t9r0 Set the mood for a spine-chilling Halloween spooktacular with this ghoulish collection of scary sound effects , trick-or -treat greetings, and all-time party favorites. Make a terrifying Halloween night with these scary...
  11. ALERT! - ABC's 13 nights of Halloween schedule

    General Halloween
    How-do, boils and ghouls. ABC has announced their lineup for this year's "13 Nights of Halloween" featuring ParaNorman, and a slew of other disney/burton standards. Here's the link - enjoy...
  12. 2014 Halloween TV Commercials

    General Halloween
    I have actually seen two halloween commercials this week. Yesterday Jolly Rancher had one that was more halloween colors and "feel" than actual hallowen images but it was featuring halloween candy. Today Twizzlers aired theirs with a red candy created Frankenstein. I think this commercial has...