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  1. Christmas vs. Halloween Reboot

    General Halloween
    This video shows the 2018 reboot of a Halloween light show first done in 2012. The lighting and music were orchestrated with Light-o-Rama controllers and software running 90-some circuits. There's a brief glimpse of the tombstone flippers and spinner featured in proof-of-concept videos posted...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: ATMOSFX names me "Freak of the week!"

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I have been using Atmos DVDs for years. Far before they started distributing in Home Depot. My setup utilizes nine projectors. It was an honor to be featured on their site this week. New this year for me is a fog screen and talking skull. Can't wait...
  3. Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Fan Blog

    If anyone's interested, this blog features a link to purchase the soundtrack and some fonts featured throughout the event. http://darkharborfans.blogspot.com/
  4. Rutherford Manor Haunt featured in Hauntopolis Magazine

    General Halloween
    I am so excited to share this news with all of you; Rutherford Manor Haunt was selected as the featured home haunt in 4th Issue of Hauntopolis magazine!! We are completely honoured to be chosen, we have known for a few weeks now and the secrecy was killin me!! :) It is a 3 page photo spread and...
  5. My Home Haunt featured!

    General Halloween
    Facebook people don't appreciate it like we would so I'm sharing with YOU guys http://issuu.com/thegoodlifemensmag/docs/so14_thegoodlife_web?e=0/9168004
  6. I was featured again (my 4th time, I think) on Pumpkinrot !

    General Halloween
    Yay! I just discovered that I was featured again (my 4th time, I think) on Pumpkinrot in July! I am so proud of this! It's such on honor! http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.ca/2014/07/mockingbird-drive.html