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  1. Halloween Props
    After seeing some great projects with it here I finally bought a Squawkers McCaw and the board to go with it from J-Man. The problem is that my theme is a spooky graveyard, nothing piratey. My solution is to turn Squakwers into a zombie parrot in a cage, but I'm not sure how to tackle paining...
  2. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    2 Columns with flickering flame LED lamps, stand 65" tall to the top of the lamp. Faux stones attached. Asking $125 for the pair, pickup in Arizona
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi All.....wow...it's been awhile since I've logged on to say hello! Looks like alot of you are so organized this year with your party planning! I'm still struggling, and can use your suggestions if you have any! 13th year for this party.....have tons of skeletons and pvc people, fabric...
  4. Halloween Props
    I tried something new. I've made tombstones out of this stuff but wanted to try a coffin. I just need to figure a way to make it shake or something. I am putting a speaker inside for sound effects. I made a (painfully long) video for my blog but here are some photos. It was fun to make!!:o
  5. General Halloween
    Does anyone know what stores carry these. Trying to avoid ordering online! Thanks P.s. put up our decorations today! Eight lit carved faux pumpkins sit on the posts of our wooden fence.
  6. Halloween Props
    Any ideas on how to make a lightweight faux sink for my butcher scene? I don’t want to use a real sink for several reasons but I’m stumped! Would appreciate all your thoughts and ideas. Happy haunting!
  7. Halloween Props
    Hello group: New member here. I am working on a horror film and I need to build a creepy metal asylum like room and I am having issues building faux metal panels like the ones posted in the tutorials. Is there anyone in the group that has these walls or sells them at a resonable price? Any...
  8. Halloween Props
    OK - I have a bunch of heavy duty cardboard tubes (from rolls of vinyl). 15"-20" long by about 3" wide. Any ideas on how to utilize these and transform them to make them look like faux wood? Wanting to build full sized "crosses" for scarecrows to hang from. Lack of real wood/branches. Any...
  9. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello I have 6 lengths of faux plastic chain. each link is 4 inches. each chain is 25 feet long. $30 per 25ft of chain plus shipping.
  10. General Halloween
    I don't normally plan this far in advance but I had an inspiration tonight and was thinking of doing a witches-based haunt next year. I have a faux cauldron, have seen tutorials on making them look like there's a fire under them (aluminum foil, lighting) that look quite inexpensive and easy to...
  11. Halloween Props
    I bought two new flaming pumpkins from lowes this year. Came home and one no longer lights...you can hear the fan or motor running. Anyone else encounter this problem? There are none left at the stores. For some odd reason I have the receipt and it does have a 90 day warranty. But I would...
  12. Halloween Props
    Sadly it will be raining through Halloween this year, 100%, but I want to put my stuff out at least one night. I made this Hell Hound house with foam board and faux wood wallpaper glued to it. I don't plan on getting it wet but I like to be prepared. So, does anyone know what I can use to keep...
  13. Halloween Props
    decide to make the front of my garage into a mausoleum. Used foam board, painted it as faux marble and affixed magnets on back to attach to the metal garage door. used thin slats of bass wood painted with metallic brass paint. what do yall think. cut the foam board into squares the size...
  14. Halloween Props
    here's a skull pillar I've been working on for a couple months. It's three feet high. I'm still needing to age and paint it. On top will be a faux cauldron. Feedback? Ideas? Thanks you masters of the morbid arts!
  15. Halloween Crafts
    The party theme is that we're in an abdandoned mansion that was a crime scene. I'm making faux crates for my photo op area based on this pinterest pin (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/213709944793059890/) & I'm really pleased thus far! It's a bit time consuming measuring & cutting but worth it in...
  16. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey I'm going to start a set of boxes in granite for a gate and ...well this in my first tutorial so ask any questions if I don't cover it well enough :) Just a note .....I lost all my pic's of previous projects from last year so I'll have to ta take more and then post my previous crafts. I...
1-19 of 19 Results