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  1. Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I recently read Joe Hill's book Heart Shaped Box. I love a good ghost story. I was intrigued with the concept of buying a haunted item off an internet auction sight. Judas Coyne is a rock star who grew up with an abusive father and an enabling mother. Judas grew up in rural Louisiana on a...
  2. NEW HAUNTCAST feat Jon Cooke of Knott's Scary Farm

    Announcements / Press Releases
    HAUNTCAST 72: “CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE” – feat. Jon Cooke from Knott's Scary Farm and Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, Nelson Bairos of Life Ape and music from Winds of Plague. Listen for FREE at http://hauntcast.net/, iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher. Support us on Patreon...
  3. Howdy from Fox Hollow Farms, FL!

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm a former prop guy, worked at Disney as an Imagineer on Star Wars Weekends, HHN as a prop and set design guy (i.e. Ghoul), HOS as a set design and scare-actor, and I used to run a small prop company called Eerie Effects from 2014-2017 and serviced a number of Haunted Attractions in...
  4. Static: Crowbait

    Halloween Props
    If you're haunting a farm you gotta have scarecrows. 2 down several more to go. "][/URL] Sorry bout the messy background. I could say it's not usually like that but I would be lying.
  5. 2016 Pumpkins at Aldi (2.69) each

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Not sure if this is just regional (Omaha, NE), but my local Aldi has pumpkins for just $2.69 each, not by weight. Picked up six for decor and carving later, bigger then I have seen at other locations. Still will go get some right from the pumpkin farm, but I always wanted a few more than I...
  6. Haunted Swamp Ideas

    General Halloween
    Looking for scene and lighting help for our FFA's Haunted Swamp. This year we came up with going out and getting sponsors to help off set the scene costs. Kind of like a golf tourneyment has hole sponsors, we are getting scene sponsors. We also have no electricity so we are relying on numerous...
  7. Yard Haunt Ideas - Scarecrow/Farm

    General Halloween
    Hi all! My theme this year is Scarecrow/haunted abandoned farm. I am doing cornfields in my front yard, and hay bales with pumpkins. I have skeletons to put up as scarecrows too. I will be dressing up as a scarecrow for the TOTers. I did this theme back in 2012, but want to improve on it for...
  8. Wild West Party - Help!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Postponed the carnival this year and switched to Wild West. Did a search and didnt find anything of people who had previously attempted. Would greatly appreciate ideas. Also have been desperately trying to hunt down an electronic shooting gallery or something similar that I could rent but...
  9. Trying to plan a haunted hayride

    Member Introduction
    Hi, My husband and I have a Christmas tree farm. We also grow pumpkins in the fall. We would like to do a haunted hayride this year and would appreciate any help you can offer. We are retired from the real world and just farm now and love it. Of course we work harder now than we ever did on...
  10. Static: my quickie ghost figure

    Halloween Props
    I have this idea for some long exposure photographs involving a ghost in various areas on the farm. Mainly I want the effect of the windblown clothing. Like standing in the cornfield..in the middle of the woods etc. So I whipped this up today. Very little breeze tonight.Plus I need a better...
  11. Atmosphere Effects: Serial Killer Farm help

    Halloween Props
    So, my theme this year is going to be the serial killer farm people. I am going to build at least 3 scarecrows (one cross without a scarecrow so I can prop myself up there and jump out), fire pit, I am going to try cornstalks, and hay piles. I need more ideas to help with this theme. I will...
  12. Atmosphere Effects: What should I decorate my yard as? Farm or Insane asylum?

    Halloween Props
    Farm: I could do a cemetery(like a family cemetery) and corn stalks and hay Insane Asylum: cemetery, operation room, arch way, bars on windows, etc.....
  13. Other: Haunted Booth Help

    Halloween Props
    Im trying to create a booth for selling pumpkins. I wont be selling them in the booth but I will be taking payments there on their way in, so I need room for one seat and a shelf to put my drink and money on or whatever. I was wondering if you boils n ghouls had any ideas for a booth? I was...