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  1. Vampire dire wolf mount

    Vampire dire wolf mount

  2. vampire fangs not staying in with denture glue - urgent !!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    hello! so yesterday i finally got my scarecrow fangs - i’ve used them before and they rock, except the glue wouldn’t stay on properly and i ran out of materials. Today i bought denture glue in hopes it would help, but it’s NOT holding on at ALL — it just sticks to my gums and doesn’t hold onto...
  3. Static: Fake Fangs, teeth

    Halloween Props
    I"m working on a static Demogorgon and I need a source for all the teeth insides its mouth. Something an inch long fangish looking. Any one got sources on bulk fake fangs. All I keep coming up with are those cheap vampire fangs that slip over your teeth. Thanks all.
  4. Who Do you Worry About?

    General Halloween
    I was going through a JC Haunt in Clinton, iowa,we were led into a small room with a few different doors , the lights went out, a strobe light started and a guy hiding came out at us wearing the classic "Dracula cape and formal evening clothes, fangs flashing, ex cetra! Opening, closing his...
  5. Ani-Motion Werewolf Mask

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Has anyone tried this product? Available at Spirit Halloween stores, it apparently opens it's jaws baring it's fangs when the wearer moves. I could use one, anybody have any input?
  6. Happy Halloween!!! I finally got my fangs!!

    General Halloween
    For years, I could never wear fangs because of crooked teeth. I got braces and this is the first Halloween with the off! Fangs!!!!!!!
  7. Drinking with fangs

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am thinking of being a gothic vampire this year and I was wondering about wearing fangs. I read good reviews for Scarecrow fangs but I also read you cant eat or drink wih them. Anyone know why you can't? Do they come out when you drink? Im going to New Orleans and can not imagine going out...
  8. New to the Halloween forum

    Member Introduction
    Hi there fellow halloween lovers, just found your site and joined to get some halloween ideas, swap costume and makeup ideas. Attached are some pics of Halloween 2010 - I really do need to know how to eat and drink with those fangs in!!!
  9. Materials used for Fangs/teeth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    What is the difference between thermoplastic material for fangs and vacuform material? Which one is better? :confused:
  10. Other: Scarcrow Fangs

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know what the mixing solution is made of for the Scarcrow theatrical fangs?