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  1. Question about Laser Vortex

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have no experience with them, but I was thinking of making a laser vortex with a little mirror and cooling fan. Can anyone tell me what power of laser I should be considering? Or, can you point me to a good inexpensive laser to purchase for such a project?
  2. Static: Headless Oscilatting Fan

    Halloween Props
    A few weeks back a neighbor left an oscillating fan on the curb. Well, after a period of deep thought, I soon realized that it was my Halloween forum civic duty to grab it. I cleaned it a little bit and plugged the fan in the nearest electrical outlet and to my surprise it worked. Hmmmm, what...
  3. 2014 Haunt Video is up!

    General Halloween
    Got done piecing together all my best photos and videos for this year and putting them to music last night. Hardest part was choosing the music, but being a metal fan I decided to go a little harder this year and went with Rob Zombie's "Girl Who Loved The Monster".
  4. Mechanical: Some cheap and easy moving pirate props and flickering candles

    Halloween Props
    Well, I should re-phrase that title and say it's cheap and easy when you finally figure out how to do it. I had several attempts, with the pirate falling over, the movement not right but got their in the end:eek: I wanted a pirate to fix onto a the back piece of my boat and to look like it was...
  5. Hello

    Member Introduction
    New here, this seems like a cool forum :) I'm so excited about the coming Halloween season. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I'm a long-time Horror fan. Very happy the wait is almost over. Look forward to hanging around :)
  6. Mechanical: RePurposed Junk - Cheap hallway full of moving spiders.

    Halloween Props
    Using a color printer or even black & white if needed. Print 100 pages with 4 different sizes of spiders on them on recycled card stock (as long as one side is clear for the spiders). Spray the backs of the cards with fire retardent, let dry then spray the front. It is actually better if the...
  7. Electronic/Software: RePurposed Junk - Anyone had any luck with occilating fan motors to animate props?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone had any luck with occilating fan motors to animate props? Looking to use these to give head motion to a room full of matching masked figures in a hallway with 1 being a live actor. What should I watch out for? How well does it work? Thanks, PappaSmurf
  8. My name on halloween boulevard

    Member Introduction
    Hi there, I'm Nick and i'm living in France where i just start a business of sharing, selling halloween items...and only halloween. So i apologize in advance for some mistake that can occur in writing in english (nobody is perfect right ?). I used to live in California for a while so it can help...