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  1. Static: Haunted Gramophone

    Halloween Props
    To go along with my haunted manor theme this year, I thought I would have a go at making a gramophone that would constantly be spinning. I posted the other day, where I had made spinning pointers for my clock using a hand held battery fan, and used the same thing for this. The gramophone itself...
  2. Add a fan to your fog chiller!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I know there are numerous threads here about various fog chiller designs, but I don't know that there are any discussing "powering" these things. I've never liked one aspect of the vortex chiller - that there is seemingly A LOT of fog just hanging out in there after a pulse, and it just...
  3. From the UK

    Member Introduction
    Hi All New guy to the group I am from Mansfield UK. I am a massive Halloween fan and big fan of horror and a part time scare actor. Stu
  4. Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Member Introduction
    My name is Mike Kelleher. I'm an illustrator ( Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and many more ) from Western MA. Big fan of halloween and looking forward to perusing these forums :-)
  5. We Have All Had Compliments before.

    General Halloween
    But last night was a new experience in that area for me! A young woman screamed a compliment at me! Another thing that made this even more unusual was that she was traveling away from me quickly as she did it! And then, today and tonight we had more great people come through this house! I saw...
  6. Dear God, what EVERY Halloween fan should have for Iphone

    General Halloween
    http://blog.buymobiles.net/features/this-umbilical-phone-charger-is-the-stuff-of-nightmares Apparently it moves around.
  7. When your 1920's fan decides to blow up in the middle of the night

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Maybe it's time, to, oh I don't know, SERVICE IT. Man what a mess, and I still didn't get bearings rebuilt quite right but it's running again. I love this little ten inch 2 speed fan.
  8. Electronic/Software: Fixing an inflatable?

    Halloween Props
    I have a Slimer inflatable that is a couple years old. Last year, the fan got weak and could not inflate anymore. I thought maybe it had dirt in it or something, but upon examining, it didn't look clogged. Anyone successfully fix an inflatable fan? Trying to decide if it is worth having...
  9. Sad but trying

    General Halloween
    I have been a member for years,just never posted a lot due to time issues and my having health issues. We love all things halloween as her birthday is 10/29. Unfortunately I lost my wife of 29 years January 21st 2016. She was my absolute everything. As this would have been her 50th birthday and...
  10. Hello Friends! Pumpkin carver checking in . . .

    Member Introduction
    Hello gang! I was asked to carve a pumpkin for my wife's Pre-K class three Octobers ago and it has completely changed my life. As a result, I am now a true fan of Halloween and all its glory. Glad to have found this site. How many carvers do we have on here? Art Hard, J
  11. French halloween crazy fan girl :)

    Member Introduction
    Hi everybody:p I'm Fred, i'm a french girl- 35 yrs old I'm an halloween fan and i use to organize halloween parties My friend say that i'm crazy because each time i take them with me into another world, fifth dimension ^^ with my decors and ambiance :) i love creating scenes and ambiance...
  12. Probably one of the rarest of all Halloween Albums Ever

    Halloween Music
    THE MONSTER ALBUM DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/j0mikmgjr8q7fqbcv4ls9pqsii5bo3hc * * * Dickie Goodman was most famous for doing "break-in" novelty records, although he made many other types of recordings. His son Jon Goodman assembled this Halloween compilation. Actually a few...
  13. Hello form Nuala

    Member Introduction
    Greetings! I'm Nuala, long time Halloween fan. I love Halloween because I love making costumes. I also love carving pumpkins and all the great things for the house. I am also fond of bats, owls, and cats. I live near Anoka, MN, the Halloween Capitol of the World. While I am not a fan of most...
  14. Electronic/Software: Road Side Treasure

    Halloween Props
    I was driving home today when something on the side of the road had caught my eye. A pile of trash had been set out on the sidewalk in the neighborhood. But it wasn't the piles of trash bags that had taken my fancy, it was the the white plastic corner of an object sticking out from beneath them...
  15. Other: "Missing Guts" Latex Prop

    Halloween Props
    Hello all. This may seem like a strange subject, but I was surfing the Internet today and came across this unusual prop. It looks like a very old latex prop that would be sold at Spirit or Spencer's, I was just wondering if anybody owns this prop or has ever seen it before? I'm a fan of older...
  16. When multiples Hobbies clashes....

    General Halloween
    I am a huge Halloween fanatic, as most of you know, and also should know, I have a huge collection of props, as many animatronics. Well, in my basement, I have a few that I keep around all year round. But, I have also the hobbies and talent, like being writer and comic book artist... and a...
  17. R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (and other kids horror shows)

    Horror Discussion
    Growing up in the 90s, I've been a fan of Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and now R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour. The last show just finished its fourth season (but was sadly cancelled). Is anyone else a fan? What are your favorite episodes? Are there any other kid-approved shows...
  18. hello to all

    Member Introduction
    Just being curios how one Halloween forum could look like, so I joined to have a closer look. Beside that, I am a great fan of horror, and I like playing games a lot .
  19. Hello

    Member Introduction
    My name is Mikaela Arsenault and I am a huge fan of this show.
  20. Halloween should be treated like Christmas

    Member Introduction
    Hi All, I've just registered on HF.com and am stopping by here to introduce myself. I'm Kel - otherwise known as KAOs (my initials) and I'm a huge Halloween fan. Unfortunately, I seem to be one of the only fans in my area. My family and friends cannot understand why I insist on decorating...