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  1. Halloween Props
    I saw this at a restaurant and want to make something like this: My vision is to make an 8-foot tall Harry Potter Goblet of Fire like this: I'm going to use a computer to create a storyline with props turning on and off, with dialogue, so I'd like to have the flame turn off/on/off quickly...
  2. Member Introduction
    I don't get out on web forums much, but a Halloween forum sounds REALLY interesting. I'm a lover of horror movies, (creature feature fan) but not into slashers much as there are exceptions to the rule. I came across this as I was checking out An American Werewolf in London pics to see if I...
  3. General Halloween
    Hey everyone I'm just settling on which theme to pick this year, last year's was supposed to be a Haunted pirate ship but a few things came up so I wasn't able to do a haunt. I'm debating whether to go for an Area 51/Aliens kinda theme, green lights and fog OR a 90's themed zombie rave in the...
  4. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 174 DER KRAMPUS Episode 174 Christmas is almost upon us, and we couldn’t let you escape with mentioning the Krampus! He has been gaining a lot of steam here in the states, and we have Spooky Dan Walker and Connie Smeriglio to impart their Krampus knowledge to the...
  5. Halloween Props
    After I moved here and produced my first Halloween yard my neighbors asked what I was going to do for Christmas. I had no idea that I moved onto a road where everyone did Christmas displays. So I slowly transitioned into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Each year I just make or add one...
  6. Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm a big halloween fan, and I like to make electronics and software projects. I want to show off some of my props here, and show how I made them.
  7. Halloween Props
    I'm a fan of the bag of skulls available for 10 dollars at Home Depot, personally. And some of the styrofoam half skulls (no jaw) at Michael's. But what if I'm looking for something a bit more sinister looking? You know, exaggerated browbones and more of a scowl expression? Does anyone know...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi All!!! so happy to find this Halloween forum!! I am a fan of Halloween and a youtuber - introduced to this forum by The Best Stuff Channel! - He reviews products and shares his love fo r Halloween. mine is Indie Annie Jones Adventures in Cosplay, Cooking and Crafting - so yes I dress up...
  9. Halloween Props
    This is a fog chiller Cadaver Crypt I made. Behind one of the skulls is a fan to bring fresh air into the fog machine and the other 7 are where the fog exits. Inside there is also space for ice to cool the fog.
  10. General Halloween
    Hi Everyone !!!! Does anyone have any ideas what on what can be done to an old plain jane, white ceiling fan ??? Thank you !!!!
  11. Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Big fan of the Yard Haunts. Wife and I have been doing static displays for years. Looking to bring some life to our haunt.
  12. Member Introduction
    I've been a Halloween fan since I could walk (like most people here I guess) along with horror movies, books, etc. I pleaded with my dad for years to let me open a haunt on our 30 acre farm back in the 80's but he had some reservations about me rigging my brothers and sister up on guide lines...
  13. Halloween Props
    I'm a Big Star Wars fan, and so close to Halloween I dont have the time to look for a mannequin for the Nun prop I want to display for this Halloween, so I decided to strip down Kylo and dress him up to the Nun, Lol....
  14. Member Introduction
    Howdy, My name is Shelly and I am from Texas. I prepare for Halloween all year long. It is my favorite holiday! I am also a huge fan Dia de Los Muertos and Krampus.
  15. Halloween Props
    So I always wanted to build one of these. I was fascinated the first time I saw one. Problem is I am not handy with anything electrical. So I kept thinking what if I hacked one of those hanging faux cauldrons. I bought one this year at spirit and immediately went to see if I could use one to...
  16. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi everyone, for those looking to use a fan to help spread the fog around, this is how I did it Part 1: machine enclosure I've tried using fans in different locations, but always had problems with them icing up, or getting slimy with fog condensation. The way to do it seems to be placing the...
  17. Member Introduction
    Hey! Dan from Staten Island here. Got invited by Fred25 (after he read my delightful Halloween book...too much?) and wanted to check it out. Yeah, I'm a fan of the day.
  18. Member Introduction
    It has been a very long time since I was here, so I figured I would come here and reintroduced myself I don't even know why I left but I'm back now and that's what counts. so hello all I'm back I'm a big Addams Family fan an a big Elvira Fan
1-18 of 49 Results