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  1. General Halloween
    Yankee Candle has Haunted Hollow Melt Cups and Fragrance Spheres for purchase online...as I type. They have Witches' Brew in the Melt Cup as well. Yankee put out some fall preview scents out during their Semi Annual Sale - several YouTube reviews to be watched. I have yet to make it to a store...
  2. General Halloween
    I didn't see this thread yet so I thought I'd start it. I was at a Yankee Candle store for the Semi Annual Sale and saw that they had some early fall scents out. The four melt cups I purchased are Golden Chestnut, Farmstand Festival, Ciderhouse, and Dried Lavender & Oak. I think there was...
  3. General Halloween
    It's happening, and it won't be long before we are in full-on Halloween! Hobby Lobby is putting out fall. Last year I didn't catch the fall floral bloom until mid-May and it took them until June to put out the rest. They're not wasting any time this year - not only do they have the fall floral...
  4. General Halloween
    Wow, what a season. I am certainly sad to see over with. That amazing feeling of all the work culminating to that faithful night pure joy. It does warm my heart when the neighbors are encouraging and appear genuine in the praises they gave this year. Unfortunately, I was taking a final during...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi y'all! I just stumbled upon this site while looking for some potion bottle ideas. This is awesome! I love all things fall and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love to craft, but I'm really not that great. I just have fun decorating my house and yard. Thank you for all of your ideas in...
  6. General Halloween
    Now that it's officially fall I know a lot of stores have their "summer" items including landscaping accessories on sale. Anyone come across a good buy on solar-powered spotlights? I'd love to pick up a few more for a good price.
  7. General Halloween
    Just saw first Fall magazine in the wild for 2018. setting up this years thread for all magazine under fall or Halloween.
  8. General Halloween
    I thought I'd start a thread about new or favorite Halloween or fall candles/Wax melts/other scented items. I was just using a Yankee Candle Apple Cider wax melt and thinking of what scents I'll have going again this fall!
  9. Halloween Music
    Hi Everyone I remember someone recommending an online, all year Halloween horror radio station. Can someone tell me what it might have been? Its not Halloweenradio.net or Halloweenradio.com. I listened earlier this Fall and it was AWESOME! Thanks
  10. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Email Sunday announcing 70% off on Halloween indoor decor, fashion pumpkins, ribbon, costume and accessories, halloween outdoor decor, Boneyard Skeleton Collection, Fab Lab halloween craft supplies, Maker's littles miniature decor collection; Fall decor, entertaining, textiles, candles and...
  11. General Halloween
    Man, it came around fast. Weather really changed the past few days in Pa. It's fall again with the temperature in the 40s last night. Frost on the pumpkin soon!
  12. General Halloween
    Found first fall themed magazine out in the wild today.
  13. General Halloween
    Is it something personal or is it when the rest of society catches up? For me, I tend to realize it around this time when I realize September is coming up and I'll be able to start putting up my fall decorations. And when craft stores have starting sprinkling in their fall items.:D It's a...
  14. General Halloween
    I didn't see this thread started yet this year so thought I'd get it kicked off. Post anything fragrance related here, including wax melts, plug-ins, clips, sprays, body care, candles and Fall or Halloween accessories - any type, any brand (no Boney Bunch though- there's a separate thread for...
  15. General Halloween
    They don't have much yet, more fall than Halloween, but they seem to be adding more stuff all the time. http://www.pier1.com/halloween-decorations#nav=left http://www.pier1.com/fall-decorations#nav=left
  16. General Halloween
    It's Halloween mixed with fall & Christmas, but they've got some stuff up. https://www.zulily.com/e/covered-for-christmas-to-halloween-222476.html Got these:
  17. General Halloween
    Please guys! It always seems like I'm a day late to all the clearance deals! Lets help each other stay on top of them this year! Not all stores wait until November 1st. Kirklands has stuff marked down online but what little they have left in stores is marked down too. I got a $29.99...
1-18 of 54 Results