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fake fire

  1. Atmosphere Effects: Fog Machine and Flaming Cauldron 'Bonfire" Prop

    Halloween Props
    Not quite finished, but it's coming along well. Originally I had planned to build a fire prop based around a mist maker, only to discover that a single-head mister doesn't put out nearly enough volume for that sort of thing. Nor do 3 of them, at least the 3 that I own. So, I moved on to the fog...
  2. Lighting: Fake fire

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I can find programmable string lights (incandescent)? Years ago I had a string of Christmas lights which faded randomly on and off one bulb at a time and they would be perfect for my great stuff fire pit. Alas they are gone and I am stuck with straight up blinkys. Not so...