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  1. Needing singing faces LOR sequence

    Halloween Props
    Halloween will be here before I know it, and like always I'll be waiting til the last minute for everything. Is there anyone on here who I could get some singing face LOR sequences from for Halloween? May even pay if they are good. Typical stuff, monster mash, thriller, this is halloween, etc. I...
  2. Static: Jack O'Lanterns> I must have them everywhere!:)

    Halloween Props
    I love Jack O'Lanterns and I just never have enough! We have a big front yard that needs...subtle, fun haunting for families and young kids. Something magical. I want to create a pumpkin patch of sorts, all full of different faces etc that my kids and I carve. In the past, on a small scale...
  3. Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    It's been a longtime goal of mine to make the singing busts for my Halloween display. I wanted to share how I did it, and make some recommendations for those who are interested in doing the same. First, I started the project with a budget in mind. I wanted to keep it under $500. Second, I...
  4. Weird, Brilliant Make-Up Artist

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Just saw a video on youtube by Mimi Choi, she has quite few so I would suggest searching her name to see them, but she uses cosmetics to create some amazing, terrifying effects on faces. I'm still in shock so I'll lust leave this here.
  5. Mechanical: Wiper Motor Help: Mayor of Halloween town prop

    Halloween Props
    What can I use to turn the Halloween town Mayor's head 180 degrees, stop and then return back to the start position so that both faces are shown. I've used wiper motors in the past but only for complete rotation option.
  6. Electronic/Software: Singing Faces

    Halloween Props
    Built these several years ago and thought I'd share them. They are two 4x4' faces that sing our Halloween songs in our display. This year we have 7 songs on the play list with at least one more that should be finished soon. These two faces have 8 channels each meaning they are wired with 8...
  7. Ghost projection review

    Product Reviews
    So I felt like doing a little review on TheSingingPumpkin.com Rising ghosts effect.There great I give it 5 stars for sure if you wanted to create disneys effect at the haunted mansion these ones are perect there friendly and even have faces and there just plan normal white ghosts.So I would...
  8. Jacks Nightmare parade float.

    General Halloween
    We did a parade float last year. The Nightmare Before Christmas figure where crafted from paper clay, PVC plastic, custom clothing and months of time. The 5 singing faces where built out of EMT conduit, wire mesh and LED rope lighting. They run off of LOR controllers. We had custom banners made...
  9. Lighting: Pumpkin Faces stay dimly lit

    Halloween Props
    I am a beginner, so please bear with me! I purchased a couple of light controllers and singing pumpkin faces from Animated Lighting last year. They worked great. This year I added a third face and a third controller. Now 2 of my faces that are controlled by one controller stay dimly lit even...