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  1. Halloween Props
    I’m creating a faux wooden general store facade for my garage door. I have the design etched in the foam board but I want the paint to look as real as possible. Has anyone painted wood siding look before? I’m wondering how I get the shadows right on the slats to make them pop out from the...
  2. Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever tried constructing a facade using PVC instead of wood? I’ve seen some amazing witches shack/swamp shack facades made from pallets and 2x4s but I’ve had a lot of success building figures and an arch from PVC and figured better the devil I know...My plan is to zip tie chicken wire...
  3. General Halloween
    So it's that time. I debated for quite some time if I wanted to do a midweek setup this year with Halloween being on a Thursday. But we're locked in to having it up this year with our application to be on the SoCal Hauntlist. These are some pics from the setup from last year. This is the...
  4. Halloween Props
    This year's theme is Medieval/Castle/vikings. I am thinking a turret castle with a drawbridge for my entrance. I have a big old barn where I hold my party and build the appropriate theme entrance where guest walk in. Does anyone have pictures of things they have done for inspiration? My height...
  5. General Halloween
    Some pics of our yard haunt from 2018. Had a lot of fun with this theme. I didn't have the chance to display the Wasp props I got from Nevermore Productions, but those will be setup this year. Also the last 3 pics was taken a week before we setup the awesome sewer facade from Nevermore Productions.
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi Everybody, Here is the street view of this year's attempt. Apologies, the camera still doesn't do the actual presentation justice.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy2395tk6hk&t=177s This year's inspiration.. - AtmosFx Halloween Monster Bash, -A dance recital song (Pitbull's Fireball)...
  7. Halloween Props
    I've been very busy this year and haven't had much time for props like I usually do but my daughter and I did manage to build this mausoleum facade to house my laser vortex. We'll make the gate next year.
  8. General Halloween
    A walk through video of Canyon Trail Cemetery, our yard display located in the suburbs of Chicago. 30+ Pneumatic props along with a number of motorized and static props along with a full house façade, almost all of which were made by my Wife and me.
  9. Halloween Props
    Still have to add some props, etc. but the western town facade is pretty much done. What do you think?
  10. Halloween Props
    Asylum facade build 2018 Ok update as of 10/31/2018 for those that don't want to go through the whole thread All set up and ready for Halloween! Got the Arkham Asylum sign done! Got the door and the stone columns on and it's set up in the front yard!!! Testing the lighting The...
  11. Halloween Props
    This is a little different post - hoping to get some advice. So we setup large facades each year for our haunted western town. They all can be setup with two people typically, which is nice since it is usually my wife and I working on it. We have one heavy facade - it's 14' wide by 13' tall (at...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hey Guys I need some help! We do a large home haunt in upstate new york and we are redoing our facade. Our set has a theme of a 1900's sanatorium. We are aiming for the brick building style. I was thinking about using the brick panels are Lowe's and age them but they are made of hardboard...
  13. General Halloween
    UPDATE 10/29/2018 For those who don't want to go through all the progress pics I'm posting some up to date pics at the beginning. :D What I've for set up so far. Hole in the Asylum for the candy window Painted the pipes! ORIGINAL POST Well it's that time of year again!! We are...
  14. Halloween Props
    Hi All. I am a new member to this forum, so this is my very first post, yayyy :D:D I have been looking in here for years and I have found at lot af great inspiration. Thought it might be time that I also share some of our builds from last years Halloween. The theme was Harry Potter and we are...
  15. Halloween Props
    I had a little free time yesterday so I added a Haunted / Moving broom to our Witch Hut Façade. It uses a wiper motor.
  16. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    this is a Craigslist listing in the St. Louis Missouri area https://stlouis.craigslist.org/for/5796454215.html
  17. Halloween Props
    Since my rear projection wall is near completion I've started on the other big project on my list. I'm going to be skinning the front of my house pretty much the same way i did the projector wall. I also have some smaller things ill be working on in between so thought i would start a thread to...
  18. Halloween Props
    So part of my haunt this year is a broken down wall with a projector behind it. i just finished the screen and thought id share. I'm kind of flying blind on this because i've never done it before but it seems to be turning out nicely. hopefully the facade will come out as well. at the moment I'm...
  19. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I started planning my 2016 haunt over the weekend and realized that I hadn't posted any pics on HF from my 2015 garage haunt. I did a Silent Hill theme and was really happy with how it turned out. The biggest challenges were the sign and a new facade. Here's a pic of the sign...
  20. Halloween Props
    Here is a video of the facade I made for the garage door. My wife requires that if I intended to keep it up for any length of time the garage door has to work. https://www.facebook.com/EdgewaterMortuary/videos/919201974856788/
1-20 of 49 Results