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  1. Prop Showcase: Going MY Way Ghouls!!

    Halloween Props
    I have been putting these guys off for a while to do other things . But no more. Hitchhickingghosts are coming!! Here is Phineas. I'm sculpting Gus tomorrow. Ezra is completed. We hope to have these guys done by the beginning of June!
  2. Mechanical: $11.5K Hitchhiking ghosts build

    Halloween Props
    Ok folks, I guess I need to get off my hind end and post a thread on one of my builds this year. I'm going to attempt to make as close to park accurate Ezra as possible. I got a jump start but so far nothing has been done that can't be seen by the current photos I'll post in a bit. This...
  3. Prop Showcase: GOING MY WAY?? Hitchicking Ghosts! First up Ezra!!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hey Guys thought I would share my latest . This is a resin foam filled head prop of Ezra. Finished him up today. We will be working on the other 2 in a few weeks, Well here he is and I hope you all like him!