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  1. Lighting: LED help

    Halloween Props
    I am doing a rather elaborate build right now and one thing i would love to do is put 2 blue LED lights in a skull for eyes but I have NO CLUE how to wire LED lights for eyes...and get them to work. I am asuming someone is smarter than I when it comes to this.
  2. Super cheap realistic eyes

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    While working on a prop for a challenge i ran into some problems with my props eyes, namely they needed to be big and the shape wouldn't work with a normal ball. I needed a cheap solution, so i dusted off an old idea. And thanks to a little accident figured out a few tricks. I have never had...
  3. Static: Need info on making eyes

    Halloween Props
    What size ( MM ) flat bottom glass dome bead is the best to use for making eyes?
  4. Making eyes blink

    I am sorry if this topic has already been posted, but my searches turned up very little. My question is if anyone has a tutorial for making eyes blink but without a "servo", etc. I'm making a giant puppet and would like to manually control his eyes blinking while inside him to be able to...
  5. Realistic Eyeballs: Tutorial

    Eyes, eyes, eyes. Why do so many prop builders focus on making perfect eyes? Well, it's the first thing ToTs look at to determine if it's a fake monster or a live actor. You could at least fool them for a few seconds if the eyes look real. For most scares... that's all the time you need ;)...
  6. Static: Need a Head For My Body!

    Halloween Props
    I have a "Jason-like" body built and ready to go. It's around 5' 6" tall, with a machete raised and ready to hack. But no head. Time is short, does anyone have any suggestions for a fairly quick solution? Maybe go to a beauty store and pick up a wig head, and get a set of LEDs for the eyes...
  7. Make realistic Eyes for your props

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    The eyes of a prop really can make or break it. I have made a detailed tutorial on how to make your own realistic eyes for your props. The eyes that I used can be purchased on ebay (search doll eyes), they are half rounds which makes it so much easier than complete round eyes for embedding...
  8. Halloween Paintings

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    Check out this painting! Black Cat Eyes ACEO Original Painting by Michaeline - eBay (item 300355525690 end time Oct-15-09 18:05:56 PDT)
  9. LED "Eyes" controllable via VSA

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey all, I just finished up 2 products that I am selling on my website. The products are small circuit boards that allow you to control the brightness of LEDs via a servo motor controller and the VSA software. One of them is for single-color LEDs and the other one has tri-color RGB LEDs. If...