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  1. GR style Eyeballs for Cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So I fell in love with these: but not the $29 price tag plus shipping. So I saw a pack of 3 plastic baseballs at dollar tree---$1 I had these paints and sprays on hand: I loved Spookmarts eyeballs from a couple years back : So I did a combo, and here are the quick and dirty steps.... 1...
  2. If you have an Ikea handy....

    General Halloween
    So was walking round Ikea today (I have one 10 minutes away) and found some cardboard eyeball coasters, which are cool. Given it a google and there is a whole range of items with Eyeballs, Brains, Jawbones etc. All over it. Worth checking out. http://m.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/collections/34651/...
  3. Static: Eyeball Bath gets an upgrade (wip)

    Halloween Props
    After a few years with a simple jar, I decided this year my eyeball bubbler needed a fancier treatment (too many years of admiring steampunk artifacts, I guess) Here's the old one: and here's the new one in its general form: The main jar is now a 2 gallon canister instead of 1 gallon. It...
  4. Eye cupcakes

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I know that I made the "glass" a bit thick, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with them. The best part was the texture of the eyes...
  5. Gemmy Eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    I really appreciate a couple of you reviewing the ghost and purple fire and ice lights. I would have ordered them so I appreciate the videos and honest reviews. Today I received the Gemmy lighted moving eyeballs and hopefully I can avoid anyone else wasting their time and money.
  6. Need Help Sourcing LED Eyeballs

    Wanted to Buy
    A number of years ago I purchased some 12v LED eyeballs for my skeletons. I am looking to purchase more and cannot find the supplier. Anybody know where I can buy some more? This is what I am looking for...
  7. Electronic/Software: A use for old smart cell phones as digital eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    I stumbled on this website they sell masks and t shirts that hold a cell phone in an eye socket that plays a moving eyeball around. Boy I went to so much trouble animating my talking skeletons eyeballs this would have been so simple. Looks like a mask costs around $50 and the app somehow comes...
  8. Started working on Building Props

    This weekend I finally got a chance to do some actuall work on some of my props. My first projects I am working on are the Ticket Booth for the exterior of the haunt and making my eyeballs for the styrofoam heads that will be used with my clown mask I ordered.
  9. Static: how to make eyeballs?

    Halloween Props
    I'm considering a task for this year's party that involves selecting a correct eyeball from a jar full of eyeballs. Since people will be handling the eyeballs, they should look and feel realistic. Or at least be disgustingly squishy. anyone have ideas on how to accomplish this?
  10. Static: Hot Glue Eyes

    Halloween Props
    I discovered Wilton candy molds today and how they can be used to help with the corpsing of one of the Walgreeen skeletons. First off, these molds are very cheap. I got mine for $1.99 from a cake decorating place. I knew that I could use resin to make the eyes, but I was curious to see how...
  11. Eyeballs and finger fries props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Up for sale are 4 items in this group. There are 2 of each , finger fries and cup of eyeballs. These are a great addition to your circus scene and scary theater scene. Price for all 4 items is $12.00 and $11.50 for shipping and handling. Payment can be sent to [email protected] through...
  12. Realistic Eyeballs: Tutorial

    Eyes, eyes, eyes. Why do so many prop builders focus on making perfect eyes? Well, it's the first thing ToTs look at to determine if it's a fake monster or a live actor. You could at least fool them for a few seconds if the eyes look real. For most scares... that's all the time you need ;)...