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  1. TotalHomeFX survey and free projection video for past customers

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Just a heads up if you've ordered from TotalHomeFX before, check your email. Today in my email I found a survey from them (which normally I don't participate in) but this one looked like it was directly from the company and they stated no info would be shared. For particpating in a few brief...
  2. Other How is this made? Fake Blood in Tea Cup

    Halloween Crafts
    I was at a Curiosities and Oddities show - some people were selling fun items with glistening blood on them. I wanted to reproduce a tea cup with an eyeball sitting in blood. Does anyone know the process for recreating this? Same stuff used on this surgical tray.
  3. Electronic/Software: projection testing onto a white umbrella

    Halloween Props
    I had a lot of fun projecting a variety of eyeballs onto a scrim in the 2nd story window of my garage, keeping a flickering led bulb on to let people see the rafters in the garage really solidified the "hologram" effect. But then I had a brain fart to try and project onto a 3d surface like a...
  4. Cracker Barrel 2017

    General Halloween
    Didn't see one, if there already is please delete. Not sure there was a distinct thread for Cracker Barrel last year, but they deserve one as they are first market where I live (right after 4th of July) and they had some pretty cool items last year (animated paintings, large eyeball globe...
  5. "Gravity Eyes" eyeball toys wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    Each year about this time I post a request to help me find a few gravity eyeball toys. These are toys that look like a human eyeball. They're built with a sphere inside a sphere, with the inside sphere neutrally buoyant, and weighted so that the iris always points up as it rolls...
  6. GR style Eyeballs for Cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So I fell in love with these: but not the $29 price tag plus shipping. So I saw a pack of 3 plastic baseballs at dollar tree---$1 I had these paints and sprays on hand: I loved Spookmarts eyeballs from a couple years back : So I did a combo, and here are the quick and dirty steps.... 1...
  7. Other Let's Make an Eyeball Plant, or Flowers (crafting)

    Halloween Crafts
    I really enjoyed doing the group mandrake and shrunken head activities. I was not planning on heading up another one until after Halloween, but I found myself starting to work on a project myself that I wanted to do for a long time, and thought I'd love some company while I craft. So, let's do...
  8. Other: Wanted: rolling eyeball toy

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have a few rolling eyeball toys--the ones that keep the iris pointing up to the ceiling while they roll? I've been looking for them online, and Rhode Island Novelty has a smaller version of them, but not the size I'm looking for, typically about 3-4 cm. Please DM directly...
  9. Mechanical: Bump and Go Eyeball prop

    Halloween Props
    Earlier in the season I ordered a Bump and Go Eyeball prop from BuyCostumes. It looks pretty good, pretty much exactly like the website, and the traveling movement is nice. It has a sound track which is a higher pitched but soft voice (forgot what it says) and not overly loud. My plan is to use...
  10. Target 2015

    General Halloween
    Tried going through to find this thread with no luck. If there is already one please combine, thanks. Just found a different version of the eyeball doorbell that will be in store. For those liking the Kmart skeleton fish this will also be in Target for $6.00. Here's the doorbell for...
  11. Electronic/Software: A use for old smart cell phones as digital eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    I stumbled on this website they sell masks and t shirts that hold a cell phone in an eye socket that plays a moving eyeball around. Boy I went to so much trouble animating my talking skeletons eyeballs this would have been so simple. Looks like a mask costs around $50 and the app somehow comes...
  12. Spookmart Severed Eyeball Halloween Gore Prop 8 delicious flavors to choose from

    For Sale By Merchants
    Severed Eye Ball Prop- I hate when this happens Thank goodness for crazy glue and duct tape though. I recommend Gorilla duct tape to repair severed eyeballs. Life is unpredictable and you never know when you might get your eye poked out. Then again you might not have ever noticed how striking...
  13. Coffin Box w/Bloody Eyeball Party Invitations

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    These are wooden coffin boxes with cast resin crosses. I stained the coffins with black wood stain and painted the inside red. The crosses were cast from a combination of two crosses that I glued together before creating the silicone molds. The resin was tinted with silver and then...
  14. Static: First attempt at realistic eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    After searching on the web for awhile I decided there's no happy medium when it comes to buying eyeball props. There's really nice ones that are horribly expensive, $50-300 or more per pair. The most expensive ones are gorgeous and definitely worth the price, but it's not something you'd buy for...