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  1. Static: Easy rats and corpse PROP

    Halloween Props
    This was an EASY prop. (1) Super cheap skeleton w/trash bags melted on for skin (2) Really BAD paint job (3) Expanding foam guts (4) Dollar store skull (painted, hot glue blood, billy bob teeth and a doll eye) (5) A bunch of 99 cent store squeaky rats (6)Drop it on the ground and put some...
  2. Who is the Guy???

    General Halloween
    :jol:Hey Peeps, my super nice friend Bobzilla sent this little guy to me, I think he found it at one of the infamous Swop Meets in his area. I liked him because he has those wonky eyes and I figured I could use him on a tombstone or to model sculpts by....He has a battery compartment and I put...
  3. dead eye drake and donna the dead props for sale.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi, Im selling dead eye drake animatronic works great everything included nothing missing comes with a microphone you can make him say what you want. Asking $600 obo plus the shipping Donna the dead this is the spirit Halloween version with the severed head and knife she moves, eyes light up...
  4. dead eye drake very rare $750

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    i have a dead eye pirate in excellent condition for sale. i have the box and microphone. everything works
  5. WTB Dead Eye Drake from Gemmy

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi We are looking to buy the animatronic pirate Dead Eye Drake from Gemmy please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you much
  6. Mechanical: Light up eye

    Halloween Props
    I got this light up eye for $5. Can i convert it so i can plug it in? Will take pics after.
  7. coffin size?

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi just wondered if there was a pattern that you guys used when you made your coffins, dimensions etc or is it something you do by eye?
  8. Minotaur Help requested

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Mask Support Help Requested So this is what my husband picked for this year, which is cool but needs a bit of help. I can finagle most anything. Which is good because everything about this needs adjusting. The shoulder piece is HUGE and will need to be taken in. There is no fur around the...
  9. Dr shivers help

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys It's Nick from Gores Manor I just bought a dr shivers for 60 getting him tomorrow at 10:30. He needs some help. The wires eyes are resoldered. Heres the thing the eyes dont work unless I touch the adapter to the eye connection. I have other issues with him too I will update this post...
  10. dead eye drake animatronic

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Have a life size gemmy dead eye drake he is rare and discontinued mines works perfectly comes with a mic asking 650 plus shipping or local pick up in Oak Lawn Illinois
  11. Prop Showcase: Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me!!!

    Halloween Props
    We have decided to do a few Pirate prop heads for this season. Once finished this rough and tough pirate will have earring a five o'clock shadow , hair brows , the works! Maybe even a glass eye too. Here is a wip pic of Pirate #1 hope you guys like
  12. Gemmy Dead Eye Drake Sword

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for a Dead Eye Drake sword. I am looking to pay around $25 for one. Please contact me if you have one. Thanks
  13. Corpsed Book

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Started this off by making a 1" slit where the covers meet the spine which allowed me to fish the plastic through. This made it easy to wrap the book in plastic and hit it with the heat gun for the flesh effect. I painted the eyeball with red acrylic on the back half, brushing toward the...
  14. Looking for the page of Eye Iris's

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello Haunters! A few years ago I used Celluclay & Paperclay to sculp the Bride of Frankenstein and for her eyes I found a page of eye iris's and cut out 2 of those to use ....this year I decided to do Malicifent but cannot find that same page of iris's. It had every eye color you could think...
  15. Static: Pic of dead eye drakes arm

    Halloween Props
    Can someone post of pics pf dead eye drake in nerds on his arm? Hubby wants to see what working one looks like Thx in advance!!
  16. Static: Eyeball help

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to build a paper mache Cyclops and need suggestion on the how-to for an eye. Should be between the size of a tennis ball and soft ball. Thanks, El Pitchfork
  17. Dead Eye Drake the Pirate Custom

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    The famous or should I say " infamous " Dead Eye Drake animated pirate. has light up eyes, moving mouth feature, head turns and sword swings if I recall. Comes with mic ti talk through him or attach an MP3 player to make say or sing anything you want. I bought this guy new and customized him a...
  18. Spookmart Severed Eyeball Halloween Gore Prop 8 delicious flavors to choose from

    For Sale By Merchants
    Severed Eye Ball Prop- I hate when this happens Thank goodness for crazy glue and duct tape though. I recommend Gorilla duct tape to repair severed eyeballs. Life is unpredictable and you never know when you might get your eye poked out. Then again you might not have ever noticed how striking...
  19. Static: First attempt at realistic eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    After searching on the web for awhile I decided there's no happy medium when it comes to buying eyeball props. There's really nice ones that are horribly expensive, $50-300 or more per pair. The most expensive ones are gorgeous and definitely worth the price, but it's not something you'd buy for...